Tubes Day = My Nightmare


As I said on Friday, we got the call that we needed to be checked in to the hospital at 6 AM, so we decided to go down the night before and get a room.

Sunday morning, I woke to a foot of snow. Awesome! By the time we were leaving for the city the snow had stopped and the roads were a little snow packed but in great condition. We picked up Brad and headed over the pass and by the time we were half way down it was 55, Sunny, and the roads were dry. Nice!

We got down to Denver, got checked in to our hotel room and got some dinner. We headed out for Ice Cream to get the girls a little treat, and headed back to our room for the night.


The Anaesthesiologist called just to see if I had any questions and kind of led me through things for the morning. She said that I would absolutely be able to bring Aubrey back and be with her while they  were putting her under. It was a gas and that most kids did not require an IV or breathing tube but with all of the viruses that go around it isn’t uncommon to end up with an IV.

Then our LONG night started. Neither of the girls would settle. Every time we laid Ella down she would be up and wandering around the room, trying to climb up on to my bed while I was trying to nurse Aubrey which would then un-settle Aubrey. At one point we just had the bathroom light on and both of the girls were up wandering the room just giggling. They both finally went to sleep at about 10:30!!! Of course I couldn’t get to sleep until about 11:30 as my mind was racing with the thoughts of the next day.

Aubrey woke at 2:50 wanting to nurse, this was great since the last time she could nurse was 3 AM! She went back down easily, but I didn’t. And, then she woke up at 4:15, couldn’t nurse, would not settle, and was miserable! At 5 AM I got dressed, got her dressed, and the 2 of us drove around Denver until close to check in time. Thank goodness for Starbucks drive thru’s! Ha!

We got to the hospital, got checked in, and waited! There was a wonderful play room in the pre-op area, and we took quite a few wagon rides.






Brad and Ella made it to the hospital at right about the time her surgery was supposed to start, the Dr. wasn’t even there yet, and Aubrey was getting screamy because she was so hungry. But, about 5 minutes after they got there, so did the Dr. then it went warp speed. He talked with us for just a minute told us how the procedure was going to go, that it takes about 6 minutes, 7 for a LONG procedure, and he would be out to see us in the waiting room as soon as the procedure was done.

I got lovely space man suited up and walked my baby girl back to the operating room. I had to lay her on the table and let them put the gas mask over her face. I think this is the most helpless I have ever felt in my life. They said she was actually amazingly easy for a 14 month old. I gave her a kiss and headed out to the waiting room to meet up with Brad and Ella. We were out playing and when we hit the 10 minute mark, I started feeling a little nervous but knew that there are other factors involved. When we hit the 20 minute mark, I was panicking inside. This 6 minutes most procedure was trying my patience. Finally, 22 minutes after I left my baby in an operating room, the Dr. came out. Tubes were placed, the left ear had still been horribly infected and they removed a lot of fluid. The right ear was clearing and had been relatively dry in comparrison to the left. Then, I saw his face change. When they had given her the pain meds her vocal cords seized. They had to place a breathing tube and an IV,  they used the breathing tube to regulate her breathing for 10 minutes. She came off the breathing tube fine.

This is the worst I have EVER felt as a mother. The thoughts that go through my head, just thinking about her back there, I can’t think them. They scare the hell out of me.

My baby girl is a trooper though, by the time they had her wheeled to her room in the PACU, she was already awake, and signing to eat. Ha!

Before the Dr. had even finished talking to us, the Anaesthesiologist had come out to talk with me about it to, and since Aubrey was awake we were able to talk while walking back to see her. I heard her crying while we were walking back to her “room” and when I got through the curtain, her nurse was rocking her and she started screaming, “Mommy, Mommy.” and reaching for me. The nurses were joking that there was no need to check out hospital bracelets, this kid knew who she belonged to. Ha. This little outburst was all adrenaline though, as soon as she started nursing she was fast asleep.

We had to be in recovery for an hour, about 40 minutes in to it she was really waking up. She noticed the IV in her hand and was angry. She started chewing on the end of it and then I had to start holding her arms down because she was trying VERY hard to rip it out of her hand. They got the IV out and we were discharged. They sent her on her way with a sippy of milk which she downed in no time. When we got to the waiting room she was so excited to see her daddy and Ella. Thank goodness is was time to go home!

I know this was LONG, and probably boring to most of you. I needed to get ALL of this out for my memory. This was the longest day of my life, and to top it all off, we got home just in time to hear about the explosions in Boston.

Many prayers go to everyone in Boston, these heartless acts have GOT to stop.


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