The Goings On

Where did I leave Off? I believe a Pink Eye diagnosis for Ella.

Luckily she was diagnosed on a Monday so she was home with Brad on Tuesday and Wednesday and would have PLENTY of time to get rid of the pink eye. Pink eye, yes, the hacking cough and yucky congestion that came along with is? Not so much. I worked from home on Thursday and kept Ella with me. During my lunch hour we went to the pool hoping that the steam would clear her up and then she wanted “Chinese Soup” for lunch so I figured that was a great plan since soup is excellent for colds. After nap, she was looking and sounding better. When we went to pick Aubrey up from daycare though, she seemed pretty snotty. By Friday morning, her eyes had the pink tinge to them, thankfully no goop yet. But, my situation was flip flopped and I sent Ella to school and had Aubrey home with me.

We went to the Dr. during my lunch hour and sure enough pink eye with a side of ear infection. At least, at the time, it was only one ear instead of a double. I knew we had our follow up with the ENT on Tuesday but, I called to let them know about the ear infection diagnosis just so they would be on the same page. I knew this meant they would reccomend tubes and I was still a little uneasy about it.

Of course when we woke up Tuesday there was NO new snow at our house but about 6-12″ in Denver. It took us 3 hours to get to our appointment and as soon as we were on the outskirts of the city, there were wrecks and cars off the road EVERYWHERE. (It confuses me that snow can do this when we live in COLORADO!) Anyway, we were very careful getting there. We saw audiology first where we were told that it was now a double ear infection and the fluid in her ears was causing a slight hearing loss but just 1 step below normal. Awesome, so even on the strongest antibiotics that they could give her, her other ear got an infection too.

We then went in to see the ENT and yep, both ears infected. The antibiotics weren’t touching it. When I heard that not only had the antibiotics not even been helping the already infected ear, let alone her 2nd ear was now infected too; I became much more at peace about the tubes.

I got a call from the Dr.’s office this morning and we are to be checked in by 6AM on Monday morning. Her surgery procedure is scheduled for 7:30. (I cannot think of it as the S word or I get all emotional.) I might be able to go back with her for anesthesia and hold her while she’s being put under. As soon as she’s under and I have to go to the waiting room they say it will be about 15 minutes for the actual removal of fluid and tubes and then up to 30 more minutes for her to wake up. Then I can go back with her in recovery.

My big concerns and what I am asking for specific prayers for are, she is not able to nurse after midnight on Sunday and no clear liquids after 3:30 AM. For a girl who wakes up several times a night still to nurse, this is not going to be pretty. Pray that she can nurse at midnight and be content until surgery! Also, please pray that surgery goes smoothly & quickly!!

I’ll update when everything is all said and done and we are back home on Monday.



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