When Zombies Walk Among Us

That Zombie would be Me!! Ha, that’s right; my almost 14 month old is still not sleeping through the night. I am hoping that at her followup ENT appointment we’ll find out that her ears are all clear and I will be comfortable doing some hard core sleep training. I am worried about this follow up though. Not for any particular reason, but something is going around the daycare making everyone sick and Aubrey is working hard on her 8th front tooth as well as her 1 year Molars. Poor girls mouth is SWOLLEN! I seriously hope this doesn’t put too much pressure on her ears. Poor girl!

Aubrey started walking last Thursday, just a couple of steps to get to Mommy. =) By the next day we had this – Must get to the cat! And last night we had her being goofy and starting direction changes.

Also, her language is exploding lately! She went from saying just Mama, Dada, Ella, doggy, Kitty, & Uh-Oh, to now adding in Bye-bye, up, Hot!, No (lord help me),  and my favorite – CHEESE!

Last night we had bath time with Glow Sticks, the girls LOVED it!


Also yesterday, the girls got an Easter box from Mamaw. The attacked everything in it, ha! Aubrey LOVED the bunny ears….


And Ella was obsessed with her new Alice in Wonderland Socks and the dress she sent.




Ha, what an outfit!

Last but not least, here is Ella’s Poster (Just for you, Jess! =) ) From the last post.



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