The Poster

This weekend we had some homework. Ella is the “Star of the Week” for the Toddler room. Funny since the ski program is over so she’s moving to the Pre-School room this week. Ha!

Anyway, it’s a cute little poster to color in. Where you live, a picture of your family, your pets. What your favorites are, etc. Well, the family picture, I cut out of our Christmas card from this year, the pets picture came from last years Christmas card. However, I did not have a recent printed picture of Ella that I could use.

So, after Ella’s nap yesterday we did a Photo shoot. She wanted to take pictures in her room (NOT the best lighting ever!) AND she wanted to be laying down. Ha! So we got a couple of pictures that looked like this….



My next Idea when she was more in to it was to have her stand on her bed in front of her name and her Princess poster. She did not think that was a great idea.


Well, Ella wanted to stand in front of her window. I told her it would be too dark unless she looked over at me.


Don’t smile, Ella!!!!


I said don’t smile!


As you can see, she wouldn’t look at me. I finally got here out to the living room where we have good light ALL day. Light doesn’t matter if she won’t look at me.


I tried talking to her so she would look at me…. No dice.


Keep talking……

Keep talking……………


BINGO! I am in LOVE with this picture!


So now she is SO excited to bring her poster to school with her. It will stay up until all of the kids in the Toddler room have done theirs. Ella will live on in the Toddler room. =)


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