I am EXHAUSTED! I have been fighting a sinus infection since last Friday, hence the lack of blogging.

My Mom was in town last week while Brad was out of town. She watched the girls for a few days while I had to work, it was nice for the girls and it was fun to go to some places in the county that I hadn’t been before.

After I dropped her off at the airport I was talking to Brad on the phone. Ella was in the background yelling about something so I made the comment that Ella was “Grumpy that Ning Ning left.” When she heard that she says, “No, I’m sad that Ning Ning Left! Not Grumpy!” Ha! That night when I was putting Ella to bed I asked what she wanted to do in the morning, her response…”Go pick up Ning Ning from the airport.” Ha!

Tomorrow is my book club, I haven’t even started the book. Woops!

The most exciting news! AUBREY IS FINALLY TAKING STEPS ON HER OWN! Yay Aubrey, Last night she let go of a chair and walked about 3 steps to me. This morning before school she did it again, and then when I was nursing her at lunch time, she took about 5 steps to me when I got there! So proud!

And, this is officially my worst post ever. Sorry, as I said, I’m fighting this infection and I feel MISERABLE! Hopefully I’m back to my A Game next week.

Speaking of Games, can I get a Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers!!!


Happy Weekend!


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