Ears, Ella, & Some Randomness

Aubrey’s ENT Appointment:

    On Tuesday we got up early to head down to the city for Aubrey’s Pediatric ENT appointment. Things actually went pretty well. First they had her see the audiologist for a hearing test to make sure the infections weren’t causing any damage. She and I got locked in the little room with speakers and she loved it. She would just wave at the audiologist until she heard a noise and would look towards a speaker, as soon as the noise was off she would start smiling and waving again. Rinse & Repeat about 15 times. It was so cute. So we started off well with no hearing loss. =) They really quickly did a pressure test on both ears and then we were off to see the Dr.

Dr. said the results of her pressure test were that there was some negative pressure so the ear canal was a little recessed. She looked in Aubrey’s ears, the left one still had some fluid and you could tell she was getting over a recent infection. Right ear didn’t have any fluid present, but again you could tell she had recently had an infection. So it seems her 3rd different antibiotic was actually clearing up her ears. Thank Goodness! They put her on a steroid nasal spray so that hopefully if her nasal congestion cal clear up for good that we can keep her ears from getting infected again. She goes back in 5 weeks for a recheck. If everything looks good, we’re in the clear. If her ears look worse or if she gets another infection before then, we schedule tube surgery. I will keep you all posted on how things go.


You know the saying, “Kids say the darnedest things”. That’s my kid to a T.

Tuesday morning before Aubrey’s appointment we were eating breakfast, the following happened. Ella: “Daddy, I just saw an Eagle!” Brad: “Oh yeah, downtown???” Ella: “Yeah, it was just walking around.” :::a couple minutes pass by::: Ella: “There’s 2 more eagles walking around.” We look outside, Pigeons! Ha. Those darn Walking Eagles!

Later that day, Brad was reaching around in his seat to hand Ella something and I caught a whiff of his Deodorant. I said, “You smell delicious” and before he could say anything, Ella says “I think Mommy wants to Eat you Daddy!” HA!!!!!!!!

Lastly, that night when we got home I let her put on a new silver Tutu skirt. It was big on her but she wanted to wear it around. A few minutes later you hear her say “Oh Man, it’s got a loose string.” Brad says he’ll get it in a minute and she says “Man, I HATE strings!” What a weirdo!


  • This winter storm that’s coming is no fun. You’d think that since we do live in Colorado, and that it’s one of the snowiest months that up to 8″ in the city wouldn’t be such a huge deal. But no, panic must ensue and now my Mom had to change her flight so she doesn’t come in until Sunday night instead of Saturday evening. Boo.
  • Pitch Perfect – I think I could watch this movie every day and not get sick of it! It’s the perfect amount of chick flick, cheesiness, and musical to be the perfect movie for me. I rented it 3 times before I just gave up and bought it. SO funny!
  • I tried to take Ella for her first Mommy/ Daughter Mani-Pedi on Tuesday. Epic Fail! Ha! I had talked it up and she was so excited, she talked about it ALL day. We got there, she picked out some fun polish and we headed back. As soon as she heard the foot baths filling up, she flipped! “No, Nooooo(!!!!!!!!!!!), I don’t like it. Let’s just go!” Okay then, we’ll try again when she’s a bit older.
  • Aubrey turned 13 months old on Sunday, crazy!! She still has absolutely no interest in walking. Oh well, she’ll do it when she feels like it.


  • Ella came out of her room the other day wearing her “beach clothes”. The “Hot Pants” she’s wearing in these pictures, Aubrey’s OLD pants. Size 6-9 months! Ha!



  • I got to go on a frozen yogurt date with my girls while Daddy got a haircut. Ella LOVEd getting to pick everything out, her yogurt flavor, the toppings. I loved spending some fun time with my girls!



2 thoughts on “Ears, Ella, & Some Randomness

  1. Hey if those 6-9 months fit like capri leggings i would TOTALLY do it! I love three sometimes by what they say… makes the godaweful moments worth it.

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