Friday Thoughts

  • More bullet points. I like bullet points.
  • On Tuesday morning, we take Aubrey down to Rocky Mountain Children’s for her appointment with the Pediatric ENT. Any prayers or positive thoughts you can send our way that morning would be greatly appreciated. Specifically that her ears are clear and we can avoid tube surgery.
  • Thank Goodness it is Friday. This week I got some news that broke my heart and kept me depressed for a couple of days. I need these next few days with my girls and my family to kind of bring me out of a funk.
  • We got our washer and dryer. I think when they were in the angels started singing. Can I tell you how amazing it was to be able to do a full sized load of laundry after YEARS with an “efficiency”.


  • This morning when I went in to get Ella up for school she nearly killed me with sweetness. She asked if we were going to school and I of course said yes, she looks at me with sad eyes and says, “But I wanted a family day.” She is too sweet sometimes. I need to remember these moments when she is in the middle of driving me crazy.
  • When we got to work to get ready she says, “Momma, I want to hold Aubrey!” So of course I let her, and as soon as she had her she says, “Take our picture, Momma.”


  • She tells me all the time how much she loves her sister and she’ll tell me, “Aubrey loves me, Momma. I’m her big sister!”
  • When we were getting ready to leave to drop her off at school, she told me she wanted to work with her Daddy on the mountain today. It was so sweet, when I said we had to go to school she asked if she could at least drive a snowmobile first.


  • Those three in that picture up there, they’re my world!

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