For the love of pee!!!

That got your attention, huh?

Well, now that I have that attention, I need some Mommy advice!


You see that sweet face up there? That sweet, innocent, potty trained, do no wrong face?!

She pees when she is mad at her teachers! Oh yes, you heard that right.

Yesterday at school she was asked to clean up a mess that she intentionally made, she had been asked a couple of times and when the teacher told her that she would be put in time out if she didn’t clean up her mess, she stood right there and peed in her pants!

Today, same thing, different teacher, she was asked to do something, got mad at the teacher and peed in her pants!

I don’t know what to do! We talked about this last night, why it wasn’t right and how she needed to remember 4 things today.

1. Listen to your teachers. 2. Be Nice to your Friends. 3. We do not take things from our friends. 4. No Accidents!

It obviously didn’t sink in to that head of hers. I don’t know where to take this, what can be done, or what kind of punishment works in this situation. Has anyone else been through this, or anything even remotely like this?



2 thoughts on “For the love of pee!!!

  1. Try another approach… did you see my post on marbles? Try that, if she doesn’t have an accident she gets a marble, if she listens to the teachers right away, she get a marble… if she pees on purpose, she loses one… then when she gets enough (20, 30) do something big like she gets to go to a nail salon…

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