So, I’m a little late to the “Resolutions” Game. But, I don’t really want to make any resolutions. I’m making Goals for myself.

My smaller Goal Word for the year is Purge.

I feel like we have SO much stuff in our lives that just sits around and takes up space. Clothes that I haven’t worn in YEARS! Yeah, even if they do fit again I’ll look like a bag lady because they are so old and out of style. Toys that the girls have that are never played with that other kids would be HAPPY to have. We have a closet, with a couch in front of it. We never use the couch (except to pile things on) and the closet is full of stuff that we haven’t seen in forever because of said couch! So my goal is to get more organized and Purge everything that isn’t needed or we do not use.

My big goal word for the year, Better.

I know, that sounds weird. But it is my goal to BE better.

A better mom.

A better wife.

A better daughter.

A better sister.

A better friend.

I think that by working on my smaller goal of purging that being better with everything else will start to fall in to place. I won’t feel so bogged down with the every day.

I don’t know yet how to daily hold myself accountable for these goals, but they are something I will be working on and things that are important to me.

What are your goals for 2013?


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