Our weekend in Instagram.

Saturday morning the girls and I woke up to a BITTER cold morning, -22 at 8 AM. No outside time for us. How did we pass the time?

We built block towers.


Checked for new tomatoes on our indoor plants (Can’t wait for fresh tomatoes!)


My little baby wearing Mama took great care of the babies.


Princess sack races anyone? Anyone?!


While the little was sleeping, Ella and I Just Danced our tooshies off. (I can honestly say I had NEVER heard the song “Call Me, Maybe” until I got just dance 4. My 2 year old however, knows EVERY word!)


“My Name is Ella, and I speak for the Trees!” The Lorax is quickly becoming her favorite movie, it’s a good one.


Here’s the little, looking not so little! As soon as I had my phone in my hand, she started waving at me. Such a sweetie.


Sunday wasn’t much better, but it wasn’t even sunny. Then, when we left to go pick Brad up from work we encountered this….


Someone had driven off the road (not icy, must have been doing something silly) and so we had to sit for about 10 minutes while traffic kept coming the other direction.

Yesterday we ran so many errands! Out to register the van, then back in to town to set up some savings accounts for the girls. but then, the fun part, to the Rec center to get our annual pass and then a couple hours of swimming. Ella LOVED it. I’m so excited that we have our passes now and can go much more frequently. Ella had a blast at the pool and Aubrey warmed up to it (the water isn’t as warm as her bath water.) By the time we left she was splashing and having a good time. Thank goodness it’s an indoor pool, it was -28 when we got up at 7:30 yesterday morning and then -9 at 4:18PM, the warmest I heard of for the day was -6.


At least today was a little better, high of 0, I’ll take it!


Now my work week has begun. You’ll probably notice that there weren’t any pictures of felt crowns in progress. I started a little this morning and will continue to try and get them all cut out through out the week so I can keep my plan of getting them sewn this weekend. So much to do for this party! At least I plan on keeping the food simple. 😉


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