What a couple of weeks we’ve had. I am exhausted and that’s with Aubrey starting to sleep a little better!

  • On New Years Eve, the girls and I took a trip down to the city and got a lot of felt to make the girls party favors for their birthday party. I need to get started on those!
  • That night we made some delicious Hot Chocolate Cupcakes. Amazeballs! It’s a Bet.ty Croc.ker mix that includes a mix for Marshmallow frosting, SO good! Brad and I may or may not have eaten 2, a piece, that night!Image 
  • I had to take Aubrey for her flu booster on Monday. I hate shots!
  • At Aubrey’s appointment Ella asked to be weighed. We took her in for a weight check at Aubrey’s 9 month appt (beginning of November) and Ella weighed 25 lbs 5 oz. This was 1 lb 5 oz in 9 months. On Monday she weighed 27 lbs 1 oz. that’s over 1 1/2 lbs in 2 months! Growth Spurt!
  • After that appointment we dropped Aubrey off with Daddy and I was able to have a Mommy Daughter lunch date with Ella. She has been really needing that one on one time so it was good to spend some time with her.
  • Ella is officially potty trained! She randomly overcame her fear of pooping in the potty and has had no accidents in over 2 weeks! She even naps without a pullup and wakes up dry every morning!
  • Brad has been sick the past few days with the crud that is taking everyone down! Knock on wood, myself and neither of the girls seem to have any symptoms.
  • I forsee a lot of felt cutting in my future! My hope is to get all of the crowns and wands cut this weekend so I can get them all sewn next weekend.
  • If ever I can’t find Aubrey (girlfriend is FAST!) I just need to look at the windows. She loves looking outside. (Please excuse where the dogs tore the plastic off of the windows! And the dirt from where they like to lay against the wall.)


  • Thank goodness it is Friday, I am in need of some time away from work. It’s time to be in full on party planning mode for a few days!

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