2012 in review


January started out rough for us, we spent New Year’s day (and the day before, and a couple days after) with Ella being sick.



How do we even start on February?!

Ella turned 2! And the very next day we turned her world upside down, we welcomed Aubrey in to our lives and Ella became a Big Sister.


In March, we took a trip to the Firehouse, Aubrey was diagnosed with Acid Reflux, and we rounded out my last week of Maternity leave with a trip to Disney on Ice.

Aubrey turned 1 month old, we took a trip to the Zoo, and Ella went skiing for the first time!


April we celebrated Easter, and Daddy spent the whole day putting together the girls playground! We also went to the annual Children’s Fair, and Aubrey took part in the “Great Cloth Diaper Change“.


May, we celebrated Mother’s day as day 1 of our drive to Indiana. Day 2 had us visiting the St. Louis Arch, it was an amusing time.


June started with us still in Indiana. The girls met their newest cousin, went swimming, hung out with family. Aubrey turned 4 months old, started rolling from back to belly, the girls just had a great time.

We celebrated Father’s Day, I addressed Aubrey’s (ongoing) sleep issues, and found some humor in Ella’s quest for a baby brother.  


Of course we had a blast on the 4th of July,  we spent some time at the lake and tried out some solid food. Aubrey started sitting up on her own, and all around we had a great time.


Another great month!

August brought along half birthdays for both girls,  we went to the fair, we got to go to a “Touch-A-Truck” event and went to the girls 2nd Rockies game of the season! Later that month we attempted sleep training, I had a dreaded Dr.’s Appointment, and we got to build a Fairy House!


September was a fun month, but quiet. We just kind of did our own thing. I opened an Etsy shop to get rid of some unused craft supplies, and questioned the expense of a cup of coffee.


October brought us home to Indiana for our anniversary. We actually spent most of the day apart as Brad was in Indy for a wedding the night before, and the girls and I were at the Pumpkin Patch. I entered my Thirties, took some fun family photos, and Aubrey started daycare!


November started with a bang and Ella was sick! We had some fun times with Ella/Daddy Gymnastics, and some GORGEOUS views. We celebrated Thanksgiving and got all decorated for Christmas!


December started with my switch to wordpress. Ella went skiing for the first time this season, and we went to see Santa, twice. We took a look at some of my favorite ornaments, and we celebrated a AMAZING Christmas.

2012 was so good to our family! I can only imagine what this new year holds for us!


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