Busy Day

Full of party planning!

I’m so excited, today I’ve gotten the location booked and invitations ordered. I’ve been looking up ideas for party favors that I can make for the kids, to save money! I think since it’s a princess theme (sorry boys!) the girls will be getting felt tiaras and princess wands and the boys will be getting felt crowns. Shoot dang, I’m excited! I cannot believe that Ella is already going to be 3 and Aubrey will be 1. It’s just crazy to me! Ella has been asking for MONTHS (pretty much since her 2nd birthday) if she can have her party at “Hoppy’s” (the gymnastics place). Her enthusiasm is contagious, and now everything is starting to come together.

Aubrey is getting pretty good at feeding herself with utensils. Not to say she isn’t still messy, but she LOVES practicing.


At Christmas dinner, one of our friends french braided Ella’s hair and she then slept with it in. Yesterday her hair was all wavy after taking it out. Then she got in to some of her headbands, (one on her head, one wrapped around her wrist like a bracelet) and we thought she looked like an 80’s Madonna. Ha! She would not cooperate with the picture taking, so you can’t really tell, but Brad and I thought it was pretty cute.



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