Santa, Take 2

Ella and Aubrey had their daycare Christmas party this past Wednesday. Ella was so excited; we had her teacher gifts wrapped, the girls gift exchange gifts wrapped and ready to go. Then, Daddy uttered the dreaded word….. Santa! She didn’t want him to be there! There nerve of that man showing up at a Christmas party!

We got to the party and all was going well, until Santa and his helpers entered the room. They started in the infant room and Aubrey was the first to go, I love this next sequence of photos. (I apologize if that makes me sound like an evil parent.)





Ha! And the whole time Santa was in the infant room, the toddlers were staring through the glass in amazement, taking it all in. Once a couple more of Aubrey’s friends had seen the big man in red, we packed up and headed over to the toddelr room. Ella would not let Daddy put her down. All of the toddlers that had been in school that day were by now seated on their circles ready to sing Christmas songs for Santa as soon as he entered the room. Hahahahaha! As soon as the poor guy came in, kids were screaming and running in every direction to get away from him. It was hysterical! Mass chaos! One super brave boy marched right up and sat on Santa’s lap while all the other kids watched nervously. Ella was second to go anywhere near him, and I must say, VAST improvement over round one. She would NOT sit on his lap, but she high fived him, asked him to say Ho Ho Ho, and told him she wanted a “Fro-go” (Po-Go) stick for Christmas. I almost added that if he wanted to misinterpret and bring Mommy some frozen yogurt instead, go ahead. But alas, I contained myself. After she had taken her turn, it was quite entertaining to watch the other kids. Some of the screams that came from those kids, WOAH!


All in all, Ella and Aubrey both had a great time at their party, and I at least got a better picture of Aubrey sitting on Santa’s lap.

I would also like to thank my husband for the SUPER unflattering picture of me holding Ella with Santa. Thanks, Babe.


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