Sentimental Ornaments

As I stated in an earlier post, I’m not one to spend any time or money making my tree look like something from a magazine. I am a sentimental decorator. All of the ornaments on my tree I have either had since I was a little girl, purchased with Brad, or have purchased for my girls. Here are some of my favorites.

This ornament was given to us by my Mom in 2006, the year we got married.

ImageOf course, I have to represent.

ImageThese next 2 ornaments, I adore. They were sent to Ella for her first and second Christmas, one of my very best friends, Jessica, sent them to her. She thinks they are so special. Jessica has sent them in cute little boxes that we then use to store them away. This year when we were taking them out of their boxes and preparing them to go on the tree. She thought the were the coolest things.

ImageEspecially the sleigh bell, since she happens to be obsessed with the Polar Express.


ImageWhich was fun because my Mom sent her a carriage.

ImageThis year at our local craft fair there was a booth selling vintage ornaments, Ella fell in love with this Santa so we had to get it.

ImageBoth of the girls have their “First Christmas” ornaments. They have all of their birth information on them and I just LOVE them!

ImageFirst Christmas Ornaments can be found HERE

ImageLast spring, 2011, we went to the Indianapolis Zoo while we were back home visiting. When we left My Mom bought Ella a stuffed Pink giraffe; so when Ella received this ornament from my mom last year she put two and two together immediately and said it was just like her Zoo giraffe! Love that kid!


My final 2 favorite ornaments are not hanging on the tree this year. I was too afraid that they would be broken. (Although, the girls have been excellent and not really bothered the tree at all!)

This isn’t the actual picture of the ornament. My grandparents used to own a ceramics shop, when my brother and I were born (we’re twins) my Grandma made us each a ornament of a mouse in a stocking. Mine was painted pink and his was blue, with a little gray mouse in each. This is an ornament I will always treasure and I am lucky to still have it. Why?


When I was a Junior in high school our house caught on fire. Most of my ornaments from when I were a child were ruined. The 2 that were salvaged were my mouse from my Grandma, and this Rainbow Bright ornament from when I was 3.


I hope you enjoyed a peek in to my favorite Christmas ornaments. What are some of yours?


2 thoughts on “Sentimental Ornaments

  1. You know what’s crazy, I have a box with ornaments for the girls on my table at home. Damn, I gotta get those in the mail. So happy to be included in this post. Miss you guys.

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