What’s going on?

Wow! The Switch is official, my first post on WordPress. =) Let’s see if I can get used to all of the differences.

So, what’s been going on with us, you ask? Oh, you know…

Ella pretended to be a Unicorn after a birthday party we went to on Sunday. I can still hear her saying, “Look Mom, I’m a Unicorn!”


The next morning we were all up bright and early and someone was super excited to go skiing with her Daddy!


Ella had a blast skiing, and after only a couple of runs on the small hills……


She was ready to ride up the big lifts with Daddy. She said she had so much fun and she is already talking about going this weekend! So sweet!


Aubrey has taken a huge interest in our Christmas tree, she loves the lights and we’re lucky that she doesn’t go for the ornaments, oh no, the tree skirt is much more appealing! She tries to take off with it whenever she gets a chance.


Aubrey is my big eater, she will eat anything you put in front of her. Sometimes, she gets a little messy. Mashed Potato deep conditioner, anyone?


I got a box in the mail the other day, it was the new comforter that I’d ordered super cheap on Black Friday, the girls were so excited over something new in the house! Ha!


After they had wrestled with the comforter for a bit, Ella remembered how much she LOVES the big boxes that things come in. “Mom, open your delivery!”


I posted this to Instagram last night, poor second child. This is pretty much her baby book right now. Haha! Thank you iphone!


We’re finally starting to get some snow here and it is so greatly needed! It’s beginning to feel a little more like winter and the holiday season seeing this white stuff actually start to come down.

Tomorrow the girls and I are going to make some Salt Dough ornaments and then go see Santa with some friends. Hopefully this year will go better then last year and we won’t end up with Ella telling us how she doesn’t like Santa for weeks to come. Ha! Fingers crossed!


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