Oh, Christmas Tree

After our Thnksgiving celebrations were over, along with the work week. We had the weekend to unwind and decorate for Christmas! On Monday, we headed over the pass and did a little shopping and made our way back with our Christmas tree! Ella, who didn’t nap at all, was obnoxiously excited and ready to decorate as soon as we got home.
While brad was outside trimming up the tree, Ella was banging on the windows yelling “Be Careful, Daddy!” As soon as the tree was inside, she was running a muck wanting to decorate.

 We told her that the tree needed to drink a lot of water before we decorated it; that after Daddy did the house lights and we had dinner, we would decorate the tree.
This seemed to pacify her and so after dinner and putting Aubrey down for bed, it was time to decorate.

Earlier in the day when we were at the store, Ella had picked out these horribly gaudy pink glitter ornaments that she was just in love with, so now these grace our tree. =)

It was a great time decorating the tree with our biggest. She is so in to Christmas this year, kids make the holidays better!

We finished putting the little touches of Christmas up in other areas of the house…

And then it was off to bed for all of us. A good night indeed. And just for fun, I had to take a picture of Ella’s letter to Santa, too cute! So here is Ella’s letter to Santa, as dictated by a almost 3 year old.


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