Our Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving started out with a bang, Aubrey slept until almost 8 (unheard of!! But keep in mind this is after being up a couple of times through the night) and Ella picked out her own outfit for the day…..

Since it was just the girls and I through the day yesterday we started with our usual routine and then headed to the store for our forgotten items. Ella insisted that we needed Ice Cream AND whipped cream for our pie. Ha! That’s a girl after my own heart. =)
When we got home it was time to get everything ready to start cooking, boy do I have a helper in the kitchen. =)

All the while, Aubrey was harassing the animals. Hahaha

Once Brad got home from work, we had our meal, it was DELICIOIOUS, Aubrey loved her first Thanksgiving dinner and even had seconds on a couple of items.

After dinner it was bath time and bed time, and a night that ends like this……..

…..is never bad. Now, it’s on to getting out the Christmas Decorations this weekend. Ella is SO excited!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with loved ones!


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