Here lately…..

  • A fun past few days have ensued. Aubrey wants to stand up, and pull up on everything. Girlfriend has got crawling/pulling up broken down to a science. I’m scared for when walking comes. Ha!
  • Aubrey crawled up to me the other day with something in her mouth, I fish it out, a PEANUT! I was ready to beat someone. Thank goodness she obviously isn’t allegic, it scared me to death!
  • Ella took it upon herself the other night to teach her Daddy gymnastics. I just about died laughing!

  • Aubrey LOVES the animals, if you blink and loose sight of her, look for one of the dogs or cats. 99 times out of 100, there’s Aubrey.

  • I got to have some girl time and get some Christmas shopping done this past weekend. Ella stayed with Brad and Alicia and I just had our youngest with us. Here was my cute back seat view.
  • There have been some amazing sun rises and sun sets recently. The clouds MAKE them amazing!

  • Last night, I looked down, and this is what I saw…….

2 thoughts on “Here lately…..

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