Saturday, when Brad got home from work, he wanted to take the camera out and take some pictures.
Yesterday, when I was uploading pictures of us decorating the tree, I finally saw the pictures Brad took.

The sunrises and sunsets around here have been amazing lately!


Oh, Christmas Tree

After our Thnksgiving celebrations were over, along with the work week. We had the weekend to unwind and decorate for Christmas! On Monday, we headed over the pass and did a little shopping and made our way back with our Christmas tree! Ella, who didn’t nap at all, was obnoxiously excited and ready to decorate as soon as we got home.
While brad was outside trimming up the tree, Ella was banging on the windows yelling “Be Careful, Daddy!” As soon as the tree was inside, she was running a muck wanting to decorate.

 We told her that the tree needed to drink a lot of water before we decorated it; that after Daddy did the house lights and we had dinner, we would decorate the tree.
This seemed to pacify her and so after dinner and putting Aubrey down for bed, it was time to decorate.

Earlier in the day when we were at the store, Ella had picked out these horribly gaudy pink glitter ornaments that she was just in love with, so now these grace our tree. =)

It was a great time decorating the tree with our biggest. She is so in to Christmas this year, kids make the holidays better!

We finished putting the little touches of Christmas up in other areas of the house…

And then it was off to bed for all of us. A good night indeed. And just for fun, I had to take a picture of Ella’s letter to Santa, too cute! So here is Ella’s letter to Santa, as dictated by a almost 3 year old.

Our Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving started out with a bang, Aubrey slept until almost 8 (unheard of!! But keep in mind this is after being up a couple of times through the night) and Ella picked out her own outfit for the day…..

Since it was just the girls and I through the day yesterday we started with our usual routine and then headed to the store for our forgotten items. Ella insisted that we needed Ice Cream AND whipped cream for our pie. Ha! That’s a girl after my own heart. =)
When we got home it was time to get everything ready to start cooking, boy do I have a helper in the kitchen. =)

All the while, Aubrey was harassing the animals. Hahaha

Once Brad got home from work, we had our meal, it was DELICIOIOUS, Aubrey loved her first Thanksgiving dinner and even had seconds on a couple of items.

After dinner it was bath time and bed time, and a night that ends like this……..

… never bad. Now, it’s on to getting out the Christmas Decorations this weekend. Ella is SO excited!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with loved ones!


Here lately…..

  • A fun past few days have ensued. Aubrey wants to stand up, and pull up on everything. Girlfriend has got crawling/pulling up broken down to a science. I’m scared for when walking comes. Ha!
  • Aubrey crawled up to me the other day with something in her mouth, I fish it out, a PEANUT! I was ready to beat someone. Thank goodness she obviously isn’t allegic, it scared me to death!
  • Ella took it upon herself the other night to teach her Daddy gymnastics. I just about died laughing!

  • Aubrey LOVES the animals, if you blink and loose sight of her, look for one of the dogs or cats. 99 times out of 100, there’s Aubrey.

  • I got to have some girl time and get some Christmas shopping done this past weekend. Ella stayed with Brad and Alicia and I just had our youngest with us. Here was my cute back seat view.
  • There have been some amazing sun rises and sun sets recently. The clouds MAKE them amazing!

  • Last night, I looked down, and this is what I saw…….


So, I kind of feel like I’ve been hit by a Mac Truck. Yeah, it’s been like that since the last time I posted.
Everything was going fine, I was ready to post about Aubrey’s first day of daycare (it went pretty well, she just only drank 3 oz of milk ALL DAY!) But, instead of being able to post about that, I was getting a call from daycare that Ella was sick. And she was home with me every day last week. Oh yeah, and it was halloween so we had done a LOT of trick or treating. She had been feeling better Wednesday so we went to a halloween party. She was fine for me, we got home, we put the girls to bed, I went to bed. 11PM rolls around and Aubrey wakes up, with a fever, and did NOT go back to sleep until almost 6 AM! I was dead. So, Ella went to school Thursday morning and on my way home with Aubrey while I was praying for sleep my boss calls and needs me to fix some spreadsheets when I get home. FUCK! It didn’t matter though, because as soon as we got home Aubrey woke up from her car nap and was ready to go. And then of course, about 5 minutes after I put her down for a nap, the phone rings. Can you come pick up Ella? Gah! It just didn’t end.
This week has been a little slower, Aubrey had her 9 month well check on Monday, she’s growing well. 27.5″ long, 45%ile, 17lbs 3.1 oz, 34%ile, 17.7″ head circumference, 79%ile. Hahaha!
Wow, I’m so tired. I know this is a little bit of Crazy (the post, admit it, you cannot understand half of what I typed) so I’m just going to put up some pictures, and catch up later. Like, maybe after I’ve been able to sleep.
First of all, a video. Aubrey started playing peek a boo one day and now she does it ALL the time, so cute!

And now for some fun pictures. Who else’s child likes to step in to a tank top and pretend it’s a swimsuit? Oh, no one?!

Aubrey has been SUPER cuddly lately and I love it, she is always resting her head on my and giving me little love pats.

She turned 9 months old and decided that it was time to start trying to stand up (Not pull up mind you!) Thank goodness this is as far as she gets! HAha.

She also decided she likes hoodies because now she can sleep like a gangster.

Ella and one of her friends we playing around in one of the snowcats this morning before getting ready for school, they thought it was awesome.

And, here is a picture from the Photobooth at the mall trick or treating. The top right picture would have been AWESOME! If they hadn’t cropped out half of Brad.

I promise I will get back to more regular blogging soon!!! i miss it!