Midweek Randoms

– Tomorrow, this little nugget is going to daycare for the first time! Lord help me, I am going to miss her!
– This one is a week or so old, but I cannot help it, I love when she makes ALL the decisions on what to wear.

– We have had some amazing sunsets around here recently, crazy vivid colors!

– Now that Aubrey is ALL over the place, she is also wanting to stand up, she will pull up on everything!

– Aubrey cut her 3rd tooth last week, and this morning when I looked in there, a corner of each of her top middle teeth had popped through. 3 teeth in a week! Crazy! (This picture is from yesterday, holy super swollen gums! Thank goodness they’re coming through!)

– Ella has recently decided that she loves braids. Last night she wanted 2 braids, but Mommy was busy so Daddy did them. =) (I fixed them this morning before school) 😉

– And this, just funny! And so true!!



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