Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

On October 7th, which just so happened to be Brad’s and My 6th Wedding Anniversary……

but the girls and I (and My Mom, Sisters, and their respective families) went to the Pumpkin Patch. Since they live there they’ve been going longer than I have, but I’ve been going with them since I was pregnant with Ella. This was my 4th time going and it did not disappoint.
I think Ella was a little sleepy so she was being shy and didn’t want to ride the ponies yet. (If you remember Last Year the ponies were her absolute favorite!)
So, we eased in, and panned for gold and dug for fossils.

We then went around to check out all of the animals in the “Petting Zoo”, this is where Ella discovered that she loved goats. Not just any goat though, this little guy (girl?).

Uncle Jared, liked the sheep.

So did Aubrey…..

Which was my favorite you ask? This little sweetie!


 Then we played at this little play house, the bounce house, and Aubrey had a blast in the corn box.

And then, it was the moment that Ella had been talking about for days. PONY RIDES!!!
OMG, this kid LOVES pony rides!

We had some lunch and took the “hay ride” out to the pumpkin patch where I got some decent pictures of Aubrey. Ella was not cooperating. (Surprise! A 2 year old that doesn’t want her picture taken!)

 I call this next one, “OMG, It’s a Pumpkin!”
 Ella’s eyes KILL me in this picture!
We had time for one more pony ride before calling it a day!

 Please excuse my face in this next one, I was OBVIOUSLY saying something profound!
 Aubrey talked to this pony the whole way around, she was so excited when she got to sit on it! I see more pony rides in our future!

So, we once again had a amazing time at the Pumpkin Patch! Maybe next year Daddy will get to enjoy it with us!


3 thoughts on “Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

  1. This looks a lot like the pumpkin patch we are going to at the end of the month.I have to ask, the sweaters that the girls are wearing. Where did you get them? They are gorgeous!

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