Not sure how much I believe…

Let me start with saying, our employee daycare is good about getting parents riled up. I know feeling of being told not quite the truth run rampant between the parents and the daycare. I know last summer we were called about 20 minutes after I had dropped off Ella and were told that she had had diarrhea twice and needed to be picked up. Brad took the day off work and nothing, only to find out a few days later that they had over booked and someone needed to go home. in this instance, it was Ella with a lie about her being sick.

Now, I’m going to try and get all the way through what happened this morning and then give you my take on it, but I get pretty pissed thinking about it, so bare with me.

I dropped Ella off this morning and this little gem transpired…

Teacher: So, we need to have a talk. (She’s like 24 and thinks she’s awesome)
Me: Okay…..
Teacher: Yesterday Ella pulled down her pants and was running around the play ground with her pants and her diaper around her ankles (1). I ran over there and asked what happened and she told me “That’s what Mommy’s and Daddy’s do”(2). I was so mad I made her pull up her pants and I had to walk away(3). When I calmed down and asked her again why she had done this she said they were “playing potty” up on the top part of the play set (4). Wendy (the director) was so mad she wanted me to call you right away to come pick her up since it was so inappropriate. (5) Oh, and she had FIVE poops for me yesterday, is she getting sick?(6)
Me:……..::standing there not knowing what to say and what to respond to first:::::

Point 1, How was my kid running around with her pants around her ankles. She is about the 2nd clumsiest kid known to man, would not be happening.
Point 2, First, my kid would never say that. and second, I don’t know who’s house she’s been hanging out at where “Mommy’s and Daddy’s do that” but it ain’t mine and that is just NOT something she would say. Pissed me the eff off!
Point 3, what about this made you “so mad” she’s freaking 2!
Point 4,  First, if she’s “playing potty” is that not your cue to try and take her to the potty more often instead of letting her pee in her pants? And 2, if she was up the stairs on the playground equipment, how was she running around the playground with her pants around her ankles?
Point 5, when I called Brad to tell him about this conversation, he said he had seen the director when he picked Ella up and she didn’t say anything about it, when he went in to pick Ella up he asked how her day was and was told “Great”, and there was NOTHING said about any of this on her daily written report.
Point 6, what was on her daily written report was that she had pooped 3 times. I had only sent 4 diapers and she came home in one of hers, so this is a bald faced lie!

And done! OMG, has anyone ever been lied to by their daycare provider? What would you do about this?


4 thoughts on “Not sure how much I believe…

  1. Wow. Wow. I don't know if I've really ever been lied to, but we're at Drew's 3rd daycare and final one and we LOVE them. I didn't really trust my former ones and wouldn't be surprised if they had fibbed a bit in order to have me come get Drew. But when reading your conversation, my FIRST thought about the pants around the ankle was that NO kid is really that talented until they are like 4 or 5! I don't think ANY 2 or 3 year old could pull that off without falling all over!!

  2. OMG…I have no advice or anything similar but I just had to comment and say that is CRAZY! She shouldn't ever be *mad* no matter what your child did! I'm thinking you need to talk to the director. So sorry you have to deal with this!

  3. Holy shit balls! I've never heard of this happening! I would snatch my kid out of there so fast! (I know easier said then done) Crap, that's just out of control! Have you sat down with the director and gone over all of these concerns? I know we had one teacher that would say things like "Get your sick child out of here" and she would send home poop IN the panties the kid soiled instead of dumping it in the toilet and she got fired… I could be beyond mad!

  4. If Ella had time to pull down her pants, and her diaper, AND then be "running around the playground", that teacher was not properly supervising the children. The end. And, the teacher clearly does not have adequate teaching skills if she's letting a 2 year old make her mad…when she's a teacher of 2 year olds!Sheesh! I'd be SO MAD if I were you! I would be sure to document everything. Did they have you sign an incident report?I was a former preschool teacher and director. I could go on and on about how inappropriate this was. Crazy.

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