Bullet Points

  • I’m tired, so I slack at blogging!
  • I’m not tired because of Aubrey, our new norm after sleep training is pretty awesome. She’s up maybe 2 times a night now.
  • I AM tired because of the dog we’ve been pet sitting for 8 DAYS! You might remember him from this post, it’s miserable! All I can say to this is 1. He had better be gone when we get home tonight, and 2. his owner owes the girls a new ABC playmat. Yeah, it’s been bad.
  • Ella is teething, she’s cutting her 2 year molars. Finally. This makes for some interesting meltdown stories from her teachers. Ella, don’t smush your friends!
  • We’ve had some rain here lately and after every storm there seems to be some gorgeous rainbows. This one started on one side of our house, went over the top, and ended on the other.
  • I love seeing my girls together. So sweet!
  • It took me 7 months but I finally got Aubrey’s wall letters made. Now I just need Brad to hang them. =)
  • Last Sunday we went over to our friends new house. Boy were our girls happy to see their boys. They’re used to them living next door, so this was a change. 
  • Aubrey has started throwing herself forward from the sitting position. 97% of the time, she face plants. The other 3% she winds up like this, and then freaks!
  • She also hit the 7 month mark on Labor Day!
  • Ella is my hippie child, I love it!
  • And the girl can work an i.Phone, haha, watch out or Shelob might end up on your phone too.

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