A couple things!

Dear Starbucks,
Why must your coffee be so damned expensive?! Now that I’ve started drinking coffee, and it’s fall, I am in love with your Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Boo to you for being so expensive!

Breaking News!!
Aubrey slept last night, not on me!!! On Friday night, I let her CIO every other time she woke up during the night. She doesn’t NEED to nurse back down and was waking up after EVERY sleep cycle. So last night we nursed, I put her down awake, she slept for 4 hours (!!!!), I nursed her, she slept for 4 more hours (!!!!), we nursed an she slept until 8 am! I feel like a new person!
Watch out Starbucks, if she keeps this up I just might not need your Pumpkin Spice Lattes at all. =)

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Doing it how I seem to do best…

A Catch Up/Bullet Points post! (Just without the actual bullet points, they make the pictures do funny things!)

Hi Friends! I have missed you!

Well, what has been keeping me away from my amazing blog, you ask? A few things actually. A couple of weeks ago I signed up to be a Thirty-One consultant. Then there was a snafu with getting my enrollment kit (Thanks for that Fedex!) and so I had to get some things straightened out and then start my training so I could get started! My wonderful Sister in Law hosted an online party for me and now my amazing Sisters are hosting my first live party while I’m back home in October! I’m so excited to get started!

Next on the list of things keeping me busy, the Denver Just Between Friends Sale. For a while there, it looked like a bomb of Children’s & Maternity clothes had EXPLODED in our living room! I will admit, I cried. I’m still holding on to my dream of a 3rd child and so even though I pray that if we do get blessed with a 3rd baby, that it will be a boy; packing up the clothes that both of my baby girls have worn KILLED me! I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had to sell and Aubrey is only 7 months old. Haha, but between sorting, creating tags, tagging and hanging the clothes, bringing them to Denver, and then picking up the items that didn’t sell, it took up some time! Although, I’m excited to get my check in the mail! I sold about 90% of my items! Yay!
So, a coworker of our just had a baby yesterday. They were team Green and so did not find out what they were having. Ella guessed correctly that Aubrey was a girl, and that her cousin Madalyn would be a girl, so when she told Matt she thought he was having a girl, Brad just thought she loved girls. Well, they had a baby Girl! Kid is 3 for 3. Ella has been saying for a while that her baby brother is next. ha! Maybe she knows something we don’t. Wink Wink, Brad!
Ella made this tower a couple of weeks ago and really wanted Daddy to see it, I love the top “block”! (Excuse the messy Toddler Room!)
We spent a day in Denver to run a bunch of errands! We had lunch, Daddy Myself & Ella got haircuts, there was the obligatory Wal.mart trip, we learned that Aubrey LOVES pickles, and we picked out Halloween costumes.

We got a swing for Aubrey, she LOVES it and is always excited to be out playing with her big sister!

When we got home from our weekly park playdate last Friday, we came home to This…..

To say Ella loves it, would be an understatement! Oh yeah, girlfriend has an indoor and outdoor kitchen! Ha!

I need to go shopping! None of my clothes fit, and the ones that do I wear over and over! The only problem, I need money to go shopping. Ha! Anyone want to volunteer to take me on a shopping spree? =)

We are refinancing our house, it seems to be going smoothly and chugging right along. Phew!

And some random pictures!

They were checking out the puppy next door. Ha!


Mornings are so amazing with these two! So sweet!

We went out for dinner last week, this guy wanted to see what we were having.

Little sister likes to sleep in my spot, after I’m up for the day. If Mommy is trying to sleep, nope! 
Going for a walk with Daddy! 
Happy girl! 
She did her own hair that day!
For the month of October, I’m going to try to keep up with this Photo a Day challenge through A Grande Life. So even if I don’t have a lot to say, hopefully I can keep up with posting 1 picture a day!
Here is the challenge if anyone else would like to play along!


Not sure how much I believe…

Let me start with saying, our employee daycare is good about getting parents riled up. I know feeling of being told not quite the truth run rampant between the parents and the daycare. I know last summer we were called about 20 minutes after I had dropped off Ella and were told that she had had diarrhea twice and needed to be picked up. Brad took the day off work and nothing, only to find out a few days later that they had over booked and someone needed to go home. in this instance, it was Ella with a lie about her being sick.

Now, I’m going to try and get all the way through what happened this morning and then give you my take on it, but I get pretty pissed thinking about it, so bare with me.

I dropped Ella off this morning and this little gem transpired…

Teacher: So, we need to have a talk. (She’s like 24 and thinks she’s awesome)
Me: Okay…..
Teacher: Yesterday Ella pulled down her pants and was running around the play ground with her pants and her diaper around her ankles (1). I ran over there and asked what happened and she told me “That’s what Mommy’s and Daddy’s do”(2). I was so mad I made her pull up her pants and I had to walk away(3). When I calmed down and asked her again why she had done this she said they were “playing potty” up on the top part of the play set (4). Wendy (the director) was so mad she wanted me to call you right away to come pick her up since it was so inappropriate. (5) Oh, and she had FIVE poops for me yesterday, is she getting sick?(6)
Me:……..::standing there not knowing what to say and what to respond to first:::::

Point 1, How was my kid running around with her pants around her ankles. She is about the 2nd clumsiest kid known to man, would not be happening.
Point 2, First, my kid would never say that. and second, I don’t know who’s house she’s been hanging out at where “Mommy’s and Daddy’s do that” but it ain’t mine and that is just NOT something she would say. Pissed me the eff off!
Point 3, what about this made you “so mad” she’s freaking 2!
Point 4,  First, if she’s “playing potty” is that not your cue to try and take her to the potty more often instead of letting her pee in her pants? And 2, if she was up the stairs on the playground equipment, how was she running around the playground with her pants around her ankles?
Point 5, when I called Brad to tell him about this conversation, he said he had seen the director when he picked Ella up and she didn’t say anything about it, when he went in to pick Ella up he asked how her day was and was told “Great”, and there was NOTHING said about any of this on her daily written report.
Point 6, what was on her daily written report was that she had pooped 3 times. I had only sent 4 diapers and she came home in one of hers, so this is a bald faced lie!

And done! OMG, has anyone ever been lied to by their daycare provider? What would you do about this?

Starting the Purge – Craft Edition!

Now that we have 2 little girls running around (and on the verge of crawling around) our little house, I realize I have too little time, and too much stuff!

I have realized that I am nowhere in the near future going to have the time that I’d like to sew, knit, etc. So, I’m cleaning out my craft closet! I opened an Etsy shop to sell all of my fabric. I’m a bargain shopper so I got all of these cheap and am passing along the savings!

If anyone is interested, check out what I have to offer. Cleaning Out The Craft Closet

Bullet Points

  • I’m tired, so I slack at blogging!
  • I’m not tired because of Aubrey, our new norm after sleep training is pretty awesome. She’s up maybe 2 times a night now.
  • I AM tired because of the dog we’ve been pet sitting for 8 DAYS! You might remember him from this post, it’s miserable! All I can say to this is 1. He had better be gone when we get home tonight, and 2. his owner owes the girls a new ABC playmat. Yeah, it’s been bad.
  • Ella is teething, she’s cutting her 2 year molars. Finally. This makes for some interesting meltdown stories from her teachers. Ella, don’t smush your friends!
  • We’ve had some rain here lately and after every storm there seems to be some gorgeous rainbows. This one started on one side of our house, went over the top, and ended on the other.
  • I love seeing my girls together. So sweet!
  • It took me 7 months but I finally got Aubrey’s wall letters made. Now I just need Brad to hang them. =)
  • Last Sunday we went over to our friends new house. Boy were our girls happy to see their boys. They’re used to them living next door, so this was a change. 
  • Aubrey has started throwing herself forward from the sitting position. 97% of the time, she face plants. The other 3% she winds up like this, and then freaks!
  • She also hit the 7 month mark on Labor Day!
  • Ella is my hippie child, I love it!
  • And the girl can work an i.Phone, haha, watch out or Shelob might end up on your phone too.