Fairy House Festival

On Saturday, you probably noticed I was blowing up your Instagram we came up to the resort for the 2nd Annual Fairyhouse Festival. Now, I had never heard of such a thing but if Ella hears the word fairy, girlfriend is ALL over it!
As soon as we arrived I knew we had made the right decision, tons of little girls running around in Tutus with their Fairy Wings and Wands! So cute! Ella made her Daddy buy her some fairy wings so she could rock the look also. She loved it!
The author of these Fairyhouse books read her first book to the kids and then showed them some pictures of Fairyhouses that people had made from all over. Then, the kids got to go out and make their own fairy houses.

At first, Ella was a little overwhelmed by the amounts of people doing this, so she opted to get her face painted first.

After she had her fairy face on, it was Go Time to build her fairy house! She gathered up her supplies and her and Daddy got started. Here’s the finished product.

Here is Ella with the Fairyhouse books author, Tracy Kane, showing off her fairy house.

She got to meet fairies, and show her house to Tinkerbell, she even asked if Tinkerbell would sleep in her house later. So cute!

Aubrey also had an excellent time, she spent most of it hanging on to Mommy, but here is my little Blond Brad with her Daddy.



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