Why is everything always worse in your mind than what actually happens?
On Tuesday I had an appointment with the dermatologist. I have always had moles, but some of them grew larger with my pregnancy with Ella. Not many of them are round, they are all oddly shapen, I’m weird, what can I say. So, I was completely freaked out that I was going to walk in and hear, Skin Cancer, Pre-Cancerous, or, lord forbid, Melanoma.
To make it even better, the first available appointment was on a Tuesday so I had to bring Aubrey with me. Oh, andplusalso, I left the diaper bag at work, an hour away.
Well, it was really pretty easy peasy, Aubrey woke up as soon as I parked, awesome. So I prepared for the worst. We had to wait about 20 minutes to be called back and then another 20 minutes in the room, where I got to wear a gorgeous hospital gown. Woo Hoo.
When the Dr. came in I was terrified of putting Aubrey down, figured she would scream bloody murder like any other time I put her down and so it would feel like the longest appointment EVER. But alas, the kid is happy if you stick her in her car seat, in front of a mirror, with a skin cancer pamphlet.
Every single are of skin was examined and all of my moles were looked at under a portable microscope. I have to remember the sunscreen every time (I’m good about lathering up the girls and forgetting about myself), and come back annually for skin checks. My next appointment is in 6 months though as 2 of the moles had a pin point sized dot in them and they want to check them out sooner than in a year to make sure they don’t change. I was told they could biopsy the heck out of me but everything looked healthy under the microscope, so unless things change, I’m good.
Phew, what a load off!
After the stress of the appointment, it was a nice change of pace to meet up with a Bloggy friend for lunch. I got to meet up with Rachel (great name, huh?!) from Baby Makes Three…..And Now Four!
So that was awesome, I was excited to have only 1 child with me at a restaurant and she was excited to get her baby fix. =) So glad it worked out! We were able to talk about kids, life, etc, and just have a good lunch with a friend.


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