Touch-A-Truck, Baseball, & Birthdays, Oh My!

We had a BUSY weekend! Friday was our normal, playdate at the park and Mommy Daughter day. Starting first thing Saturday morning though, it was Go Go GO!!!!
We started off our morning at Touch-A-Truck…

 Ella was AMAZED by the Flight for Life helicoptor.

 Want to go up in the ladder truck, Yes please!

 And she enjoyed pushing Aubrey in the stroller.
 It wore Aubrey out…
We went home, took a quick nap and headed towards the city. Of course we had to run errands on the way down, and since Ella knew why we were going down, Brad and I were about at our breaking point when every turn we made we got a whiney, “But, I thought we were going to the baseball game.” We both must have said, “We Are!!!” a million times.
We made it!
 Once again, Ella LOVED it and had an amazing time. I feel like Aubrey nursed through the whole game, haha, but she wouldn’t go to sleep, there was too much excitment. To our dismay, the Rockies lost, again. What can you say about the worst team in the league? It was fun! 
The next morning we were up again, bright and early, for a Birthday party for one of Ella’s little school friends. It was at the Rec center and as usual, Ella was in heaven in the open gym.

Aubrey had a pretty good time herself.
Then we came home and took naps…
The girls played…..
It was a good weekend. =)
And now, just because Brad hates it for fun…..

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