Sleep Training: The Good, The Bad, & the Uber Ugly!

We are at about a week and a half of sleep training and we’ve got some positives and some Negatives Happening.

The Good:
Aubrey can now put herself to sleep fairly easily. You might ge a couple minutes of fussing out of her, but then I’ll usually come in to find some version of this:
The Bad:
I’ve been exhausted for so long that my body CRAVES sleep. When Aubrey does wake up I usually fall asleep while she’s nursing, then she falls asleep, when I wake up and try to put her down, she wakes up and SCREAMS!
Her first stretch of sleep isn’t as long as it was when we first started training, she will wake up about 20 minutes after I go to bed, and then see above.
She is getting ready to cut her top 2 teeth, this is evident by the amount of poopy diapers I have been changing, and the amount of snot that is coming from this poor girls head. The snot leads to…..
The Ugly:
Aubrey cannot breathe at night, this makes her needy & clingy, this makes her first stretch of sleep about 2 hours and then she want to be on me, period, end of story! Try and put her down, SCREAMS, try to adjust her once she’s fallen asleep in order to be able to go to sleep myself, SCREAMS! Look at her during the day, SCREAMS, doesn’t want to nurse because her mouth hurts, falls asleep and wakes up because she’s hungry, rinse and repeat! Agh!
Come one teeth and pop on through, then we can get back to some real training!


2 thoughts on “Sleep Training: The Good, The Bad, & the Uber Ugly!

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