Sleep Training: Night 3

And again, in the words of Ella, Holy Guacamole, for a totally different recap!

Bath time, Check!
Nursed, Check!
Laid down awake, Check!
Aubrey fussed for 4 minutes! 4 Minutes before she was out! Brad only had to go in to do the 1 minute soothe. I shuld have known then what was to come.
11:45 – She wakes up, I nurse her, lay her down. She screams! For 2 hours! She didn’t want to nurse, and would NOT be soothed. She finally fell asleep only to wake up 20 minutes later wanting to nurse. Lay her down when she’s done, she screams for half an hour before she would go back to sleep. Then she slept until 4:30, nursed, only fussed for about 15 minutes before she went back to sleep. But by then it was 5:15 and the alarm was going off in half an hour. FML!
But, to her defense, I don’t think she feels very good. Her top gums have gone through the inflammation process and you can start to see white caps for both top middle teeth. She isn’t really nursing today (much to my discomfort) and she just screamed at me for an hour and a half. She didn’t want to play, lay down, be held, sit up, etc. I finally got her calmed down enough that she just passed out in my arms. Poor baby! Hopefully tonight will be better for all of us.


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