Our weekend in Instagram Pictures

Only a few days late, and in pictures since I am EXHAUSTED today! =)

Friday We did our usual park day. We then came home and had to play princess…

We took the rest of our evening pretty easy and went to bed early since we were getting up the next morning to head to the fair!
Did you know there’s such a thing as a “Dress Your Rabbit” competition?

They had some games, but not your typical fair games, and it was kind of a let down. You could earn tickets for “playing the games” and enter to win a drawing. But according to the people running the games you had to win to get tickets (but then they were handing out tickets to people to retrieve items for them since they were too lazy to do it themselves!) Ahem, anyway, Ella is 2 and couldn’t throw a hoop 6 feet, let alone up and able to hook an antler. Nor can she throw a dart 12 feet to pop a balloon. So, she didn’t get any tickets. But, Daddy didn’t let that stop her, he made sure he got her a Cowgirl hat. =)

Which Ella was sweet enough to let Aubrey wear also.

This is not at all like the fair I’m used to at home, so it was kind of a let down for Brad and I, but Ella had a blast. Especially since she got to play on bounce houses!

Show that kid to a bounce house and she will be your best friend for life.
We got home and I wasn’t feeling too well so I was glad that the girls napped at the same time, at least for a little bit. I had felt that morning a little off and felt like I’d had a clogged duct, well I did and by that evening it was full blown Mastitis. Oh yes, for the 3rd time. Thank goodness I got started on Meds on Sunday (THANK YOU SHELLY!!!) and am feeling better now. Not quite 100% but getting there. The couple nights of sleep that I got helped a lot.
Sunday was a lazy day since I was not feeling good at all. Thank you to my awesome husband for taking care of both girls Sunday morning so I could rest and start to feel better.
Sunday afternoon, Ella did some sun bathing in the back yard.

And here are some random pictures from the week just because I love them. =)

 Aubrey is trying to pull up on things, and if you stand her up with something to lean on, she can support herself for a couple of minutes. Insane!

Their facial expressions in this picure, they kill me!


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