Sleep Training Night 2

In the words of Ella, Holy Guacamole!

Hopefully every night gets as progressively better as last night did.
I nursed Aubrey and laid her down awake at 8:12. She screamed, Brad went in to soothe, she screamed more, Brad went in to soothe, after that she screamed, he soothed a couple more times. Screaming turned in to fussing, fussing turned in to quiet. 8:35, she was OUT! ::Insert shocked face here::
She slept from 8:35 until 11, at that time we nursed and I laid her back down. She fussed for maybe 2 minutes and was back asleep until 3:30! What woke her up? A blow out diaper. By the time I got her changed she was pretty much wide awake, oh, andplusalso, I couldn’t find spare jammis in our room in the dark and no way I was going in to Ella’s room to the dresser; so Aubrey stayed in a diaper until morning.. So, she stayed in bed nursing for a bit and since she was only in her diaper I didn’t want to put her in the pack n play so she stayed in bed until the alarm went off. It was pretty restless at first, it took her a good 15 minutes to fall asleep, it seems that already in 2 nights she’s better at sleeping off of me! Yay! Anyway, she slept through the alarm, twice. So I just laid her in my spot and put the covers on her. She stayed asleep; I got everything ready, came back to our room and got her dressed, asleep. Got her in her car seat, asleep. Got to work, got Ella ready, put the girls in the car, took Ella to school, dropped her off got back to work; still asleep! She slept until 8:45! Awesome!
I am well aware that this easy night could very well be a fluke, but I am remaining positive that we will continue in this positive direction! Yay for forward progress! And Triple Yay for sleep!!
And, when she woke up, she was Happy!

So happy, she wanted to Nom on my Post-I.t’s


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