Sleep Training….

I had my post for today all planned out; seeing as how Aubrey had her 6 month well visit yesterday. I went and left my phone at home this morning though so I do not have any photos for the post, so it will come tomorrow.
In the mean time, I will let you know that yesterday I had the following conversation with her pediatrician.
Me: She is a HORRIBLE sleeper, is she gaining enough weight that it wouldn’t be an issue to start some sleep training? Ella was easy, we never had to work with her.
Dr.: Oh yeah, her chart looks great. I don’t have any problems with sleep training.
Me: Great, because her sleep has gotten worse recently and now she’s back to wanting to “sleep” ON me all night.
We go through a few other things and then….
Dr.: So, how many times a night is she waking?
Me: 6-10, I wish I could say I’m exaggerating for dramatic affect, but 6 would be a decent night.
Dr.: Oh my lord, YES! Start training with any method that works for you!

Yeah, life has gotten miserable in our house in the sleep department.
So….. how did night one go?
:::::Disclaimer::::: If you do not agree with sleep training, keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t want to hear them!
2 hours and 12 minutes! That is how long it took Aubrey to put herself to sleep. Brad did the soothing and we did it at 3 minute additional intervals (1, 4, 7, 10……) and it took 2 hours and 12 minutes of crying for her to go to sleep. Which put us at going to bed at 11:12. But, She slept until 3:15! A 4 hour stretch! That is the most sleep I have gotten in 6 months! And then!!!, when I laid her back down after nursing, she fussed for about 5 minutes and was back to sleep for another hour and a half! You hear that? I got 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night! Then she woke up just before the alarm went off, so we nursed in bed before getting ready this morning.
Praying that the time it takes for her to go to sleep tonight is under an hour! A girl can dream, right? Right!

And, so that I can add a picture….
There is 1 road in and out of our neighborhood, and crossing that road are railroad tracks. There is a law that the road can only be blocked for 15 minutes for a normal stop, and if a train is in “distress” 25 minutes. Well folks, last Thursday, our road was blocked for 4 HOURS! Luckily, we work on Thursdays so we missed the bulk of it, but we were still stuck for an hour trying to get home. Who was in front of us also waiting to get home? As luck would have it, it was Ella’s good buddy Rowan. So, we lucked out that Ella and Rowan were able to play in the creek/field area while us parents commiserated over how ridiculous this was. Well, when the train finally moved (as we were all moving our cars to the side of the road, getting ready to go through the train and walk home) Ella and Rowan didn’t want to leave each other. So, Rowan’s mommy drove Ella to our house, and then e-mailed me this picture…

So cute!


2 thoughts on “Sleep Training….

  1. I hear you on the sleep training! Waking 6-8 times a night was our norm for a loooooong time. I hope night goes/was better! Cal is getting a lot better and only fusses for a couple of minutes before putting himself to sleep.Hang in there! It will get better.

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