She kills me!

For all of her trying moments it only takes one sweet comment to erase DAYS of tantrums from memory.
Saturday evening when we were playing, Ella had the 3 of us get “in the car” (on the couch) and she said, “Mommy, get out, we’re at the hospital.” I said, “Oh, who are we visiting?” and she said, “we’re picking up our new baby brother.”
This morning when I was driving Ella to school she was being kind of quiet. I asked her what she was thinking and she says, “Next time, can me and Aubrey get a brother?” I decided to try a different tactic than when she asks Brad, he just says no and leaves it at that. I told her that having a baby and taking care of a baby are expensive and that if things stay the way the are we don’t have the money for another baby no matter how bad some people in the family might want one. I thought I handled it well until she says, “I have money, Momma!”
Love her! I keep thinking she’ll drop the sibling discussion, it frustrates Brad which makes me upset. But, the kid is serious, she doesn’t forget, she wants a brother.


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