Our Weekend

Our weekend was very fun, but not so restful. Haha
We are watching a friends dog, one who likes to bark, at air! So what I thought was going to be a nice, quiet evening since Ella and Brad were camping in the back yard, was not!

Then, as it goes with camping, you’re up with the sun, so Brad and Ella were not at all quietly, back in the house at 6 AM.
Thanks to a little bit of CIO, we got Aubrey to take a very brief nap in her crib, flat on her back, before waking up SHRIEKING about 25 minutes later.

The girls and I had some fun doing self portraits…..(excuse my, “I haven’t showered” hair!)

And I just find this picture incredibly cute!

Sunday, Aubrey was up early (of course!) so we watched some Gold Medal tennis

Sunday evening, Brad went to a concert so we had some girl time. A Pizza Picnic and a movie!

All in all, a lovely, yet tiring weekend for me!

Aubrey is working on her 2nd tooth getting ready to pop through any day, so I don’t think the sleep is going to get better just yet!
At least my kids are cute! =)


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