Busy, Busy!

AKA: the bad blogger!
Wow, I am a HORRIBLE blogger recently. I just feel like I have nothing profound to say and this is turning in to a diary of sorts. Which, I suppose it always was but I just feel a little bogged down recently. I’ll get past that though, hopefully sooner rather than later.
Here’s what’s been going on with us lately, in bullet points. =)

  • Aubrey has gone from this:
To This:
Since she sprouted this:
That’s right, on July 30th we woke up to a happy baby with a new tooth!
  • On Most Tuesday and Thursday evenings, you can find us listening to Music in the Park


  • We had some friends out this past weekend and Ella thoroughly enjoyed her time with their daughter McKenzie.

  • This girl, She’s my Mini-Me!

  • And this one, I like to call “Blond Brad”

  • These girls kill me, I love them so much!
 And it’s pretty apparent that they love each other.

  •  We went to the Rockies Game on Saturday, I have never seen so many home runs in 1 game, in my life! As soon as we got to our seats (bottom of the 2nd) I had to duck and cover with Aubrey as a home run went right over us!

  • Ella rode the Alpine slide for the first time! She LOVED it!


One thought on “Busy, Busy!

  1. Cal has outgrown his reflux but Jack still had it at this age. When you feed Aubrey, don't put her on her belly for at least 30 minutes after. That would be the biggest piece of advice I can give you.Jack HATED tummy time. He would get on his tummy and just fuss until the cows came home. Amazingly enough he learned to crawl on time.

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