Seeing this, makes my heart happy. =)


Fairy House Festival

On Saturday, you probably noticed I was blowing up your Instagram we came up to the resort for the 2nd Annual Fairyhouse Festival. Now, I had never heard of such a thing but if Ella hears the word fairy, girlfriend is ALL over it!
As soon as we arrived I knew we had made the right decision, tons of little girls running around in Tutus with their Fairy Wings and Wands! So cute! Ella made her Daddy buy her some fairy wings so she could rock the look also. She loved it!
The author of these Fairyhouse books read her first book to the kids and then showed them some pictures of Fairyhouses that people had made from all over. Then, the kids got to go out and make their own fairy houses.

At first, Ella was a little overwhelmed by the amounts of people doing this, so she opted to get her face painted first.

After she had her fairy face on, it was Go Time to build her fairy house! She gathered up her supplies and her and Daddy got started. Here’s the finished product.

Here is Ella with the Fairyhouse books author, Tracy Kane, showing off her fairy house.

She got to meet fairies, and show her house to Tinkerbell, she even asked if Tinkerbell would sleep in her house later. So cute!

Aubrey also had an excellent time, she spent most of it hanging on to Mommy, but here is my little Blond Brad with her Daddy.



Why is everything always worse in your mind than what actually happens?
On Tuesday I had an appointment with the dermatologist. I have always had moles, but some of them grew larger with my pregnancy with Ella. Not many of them are round, they are all oddly shapen, I’m weird, what can I say. So, I was completely freaked out that I was going to walk in and hear, Skin Cancer, Pre-Cancerous, or, lord forbid, Melanoma.
To make it even better, the first available appointment was on a Tuesday so I had to bring Aubrey with me. Oh, andplusalso, I left the diaper bag at work, an hour away.
Well, it was really pretty easy peasy, Aubrey woke up as soon as I parked, awesome. So I prepared for the worst. We had to wait about 20 minutes to be called back and then another 20 minutes in the room, where I got to wear a gorgeous hospital gown. Woo Hoo.
When the Dr. came in I was terrified of putting Aubrey down, figured she would scream bloody murder like any other time I put her down and so it would feel like the longest appointment EVER. But alas, the kid is happy if you stick her in her car seat, in front of a mirror, with a skin cancer pamphlet.
Every single are of skin was examined and all of my moles were looked at under a portable microscope. I have to remember the sunscreen every time (I’m good about lathering up the girls and forgetting about myself), and come back annually for skin checks. My next appointment is in 6 months though as 2 of the moles had a pin point sized dot in them and they want to check them out sooner than in a year to make sure they don’t change. I was told they could biopsy the heck out of me but everything looked healthy under the microscope, so unless things change, I’m good.
Phew, what a load off!
After the stress of the appointment, it was a nice change of pace to meet up with a Bloggy friend for lunch. I got to meet up with Rachel (great name, huh?!) from Baby Makes Three…..And Now Four!
So that was awesome, I was excited to have only 1 child with me at a restaurant and she was excited to get her baby fix. =) So glad it worked out! We were able to talk about kids, life, etc, and just have a good lunch with a friend.

Sleep Training: The Good, The Bad, & the Uber Ugly!

We are at about a week and a half of sleep training and we’ve got some positives and some Negatives Happening.

The Good:
Aubrey can now put herself to sleep fairly easily. You might ge a couple minutes of fussing out of her, but then I’ll usually come in to find some version of this:
The Bad:
I’ve been exhausted for so long that my body CRAVES sleep. When Aubrey does wake up I usually fall asleep while she’s nursing, then she falls asleep, when I wake up and try to put her down, she wakes up and SCREAMS!
Her first stretch of sleep isn’t as long as it was when we first started training, she will wake up about 20 minutes after I go to bed, and then see above.
She is getting ready to cut her top 2 teeth, this is evident by the amount of poopy diapers I have been changing, and the amount of snot that is coming from this poor girls head. The snot leads to…..
The Ugly:
Aubrey cannot breathe at night, this makes her needy & clingy, this makes her first stretch of sleep about 2 hours and then she want to be on me, period, end of story! Try and put her down, SCREAMS, try to adjust her once she’s fallen asleep in order to be able to go to sleep myself, SCREAMS! Look at her during the day, SCREAMS, doesn’t want to nurse because her mouth hurts, falls asleep and wakes up because she’s hungry, rinse and repeat! Agh!
Come one teeth and pop on through, then we can get back to some real training!

Touch-A-Truck, Baseball, & Birthdays, Oh My!

We had a BUSY weekend! Friday was our normal, playdate at the park and Mommy Daughter day. Starting first thing Saturday morning though, it was Go Go GO!!!!
We started off our morning at Touch-A-Truck…

 Ella was AMAZED by the Flight for Life helicoptor.

 Want to go up in the ladder truck, Yes please!

 And she enjoyed pushing Aubrey in the stroller.
 It wore Aubrey out…
We went home, took a quick nap and headed towards the city. Of course we had to run errands on the way down, and since Ella knew why we were going down, Brad and I were about at our breaking point when every turn we made we got a whiney, “But, I thought we were going to the baseball game.” We both must have said, “We Are!!!” a million times.
We made it!
 Once again, Ella LOVED it and had an amazing time. I feel like Aubrey nursed through the whole game, haha, but she wouldn’t go to sleep, there was too much excitment. To our dismay, the Rockies lost, again. What can you say about the worst team in the league? It was fun! 
The next morning we were up again, bright and early, for a Birthday party for one of Ella’s little school friends. It was at the Rec center and as usual, Ella was in heaven in the open gym.

Aubrey had a pretty good time herself.
Then we came home and took naps…
The girls played…..
It was a good weekend. =)
And now, just because Brad hates it for fun…..

Our weekend in Instagram Pictures

Only a few days late, and in pictures since I am EXHAUSTED today! =)

Friday We did our usual park day. We then came home and had to play princess…

We took the rest of our evening pretty easy and went to bed early since we were getting up the next morning to head to the fair!
Did you know there’s such a thing as a “Dress Your Rabbit” competition?

They had some games, but not your typical fair games, and it was kind of a let down. You could earn tickets for “playing the games” and enter to win a drawing. But according to the people running the games you had to win to get tickets (but then they were handing out tickets to people to retrieve items for them since they were too lazy to do it themselves!) Ahem, anyway, Ella is 2 and couldn’t throw a hoop 6 feet, let alone up and able to hook an antler. Nor can she throw a dart 12 feet to pop a balloon. So, she didn’t get any tickets. But, Daddy didn’t let that stop her, he made sure he got her a Cowgirl hat. =)

Which Ella was sweet enough to let Aubrey wear also.

This is not at all like the fair I’m used to at home, so it was kind of a let down for Brad and I, but Ella had a blast. Especially since she got to play on bounce houses!

Show that kid to a bounce house and she will be your best friend for life.
We got home and I wasn’t feeling too well so I was glad that the girls napped at the same time, at least for a little bit. I had felt that morning a little off and felt like I’d had a clogged duct, well I did and by that evening it was full blown Mastitis. Oh yes, for the 3rd time. Thank goodness I got started on Meds on Sunday (THANK YOU SHELLY!!!) and am feeling better now. Not quite 100% but getting there. The couple nights of sleep that I got helped a lot.
Sunday was a lazy day since I was not feeling good at all. Thank you to my awesome husband for taking care of both girls Sunday morning so I could rest and start to feel better.
Sunday afternoon, Ella did some sun bathing in the back yard.

And here are some random pictures from the week just because I love them. =)

 Aubrey is trying to pull up on things, and if you stand her up with something to lean on, she can support herself for a couple of minutes. Insane!

Their facial expressions in this picure, they kill me!

Sleep Training: Night 3

And again, in the words of Ella, Holy Guacamole, for a totally different recap!

Bath time, Check!
Nursed, Check!
Laid down awake, Check!
Aubrey fussed for 4 minutes! 4 Minutes before she was out! Brad only had to go in to do the 1 minute soothe. I shuld have known then what was to come.
11:45 – She wakes up, I nurse her, lay her down. She screams! For 2 hours! She didn’t want to nurse, and would NOT be soothed. She finally fell asleep only to wake up 20 minutes later wanting to nurse. Lay her down when she’s done, she screams for half an hour before she would go back to sleep. Then she slept until 4:30, nursed, only fussed for about 15 minutes before she went back to sleep. But by then it was 5:15 and the alarm was going off in half an hour. FML!
But, to her defense, I don’t think she feels very good. Her top gums have gone through the inflammation process and you can start to see white caps for both top middle teeth. She isn’t really nursing today (much to my discomfort) and she just screamed at me for an hour and a half. She didn’t want to play, lay down, be held, sit up, etc. I finally got her calmed down enough that she just passed out in my arms. Poor baby! Hopefully tonight will be better for all of us.

Sleep Training Night 2

In the words of Ella, Holy Guacamole!

Hopefully every night gets as progressively better as last night did.
I nursed Aubrey and laid her down awake at 8:12. She screamed, Brad went in to soothe, she screamed more, Brad went in to soothe, after that she screamed, he soothed a couple more times. Screaming turned in to fussing, fussing turned in to quiet. 8:35, she was OUT! ::Insert shocked face here::
She slept from 8:35 until 11, at that time we nursed and I laid her back down. She fussed for maybe 2 minutes and was back asleep until 3:30! What woke her up? A blow out diaper. By the time I got her changed she was pretty much wide awake, oh, andplusalso, I couldn’t find spare jammis in our room in the dark and no way I was going in to Ella’s room to the dresser; so Aubrey stayed in a diaper until morning.. So, she stayed in bed nursing for a bit and since she was only in her diaper I didn’t want to put her in the pack n play so she stayed in bed until the alarm went off. It was pretty restless at first, it took her a good 15 minutes to fall asleep, it seems that already in 2 nights she’s better at sleeping off of me! Yay! Anyway, she slept through the alarm, twice. So I just laid her in my spot and put the covers on her. She stayed asleep; I got everything ready, came back to our room and got her dressed, asleep. Got her in her car seat, asleep. Got to work, got Ella ready, put the girls in the car, took Ella to school, dropped her off got back to work; still asleep! She slept until 8:45! Awesome!
I am well aware that this easy night could very well be a fluke, but I am remaining positive that we will continue in this positive direction! Yay for forward progress! And Triple Yay for sleep!!
And, when she woke up, she was Happy!

So happy, she wanted to Nom on my Post-I.t’s

Aubrey: 6 Month Appointment

Monday was a day I was both looking forward to, as well as dreading. I couldn’t wait to find out how much Aubrey had Grown & to ask about sleep training,  but I could absolutely wait to see her getting more shots!
She was hungry when she got up so she nommed on some banana…

Nom Nom Nom

Then we took of too the Dr. She got in, got undressed, had all of her measurements taken, and then we waited for our turn to see the Dr.

Height: 26 1/4″  – 52%
Weight: 15 lbs. 15 oz. – 42%
Head Circumference: 17 1/4″ – 85%
Fun fact: Ella weighed 15 lbs. 15 oz. at her 9 month appointment! She had better keep being nice to Aubrey. 😉
Once the Dr. Made it in to the room, we had our chit chat about sleep training (see yesterdays post about that, Here).
We moved on to how she was eating, amazing. How Ella was doing with her, amazing. And if I had any concerns. I brought up that she isn’t rolling that much because she HATES being on her tummy, she can roll both ways but basically refuses to if she’s going to end up on her belly at some point. They had her do some tummy time and said that between seeing how she did then, and how great she is sitting, they are not worried about it. She’s strong and healthy and wanting to lunge forward to crawl. They aren’t concerned. She’s just stubborn like her Mom and Dad.
After our discussion time, it was Mama’s dreaded time for shots. The nurse came in, and first gave her the oral vaccine, my kid who won’t take a bottle, latched on and drank ALL of the vaccine. I was told you never see that happen. Haha. When it was time for shots, they got her little thighs all clean with alcohol and then the time was upon us. I held on to Aubrey’s hands and leaned over her prepared for the worst.
Shot 1: A strange look on Aubrey’s face, “What was that?”
Shot 2: A look of annoyance.
Shot 3: Looking past Mommy to the princess poster on the wall.
Band.aids on the left leg.
Shot 4: Look of, “Bitch, please, are you at that again?!”
Shot 5: We got the warning of, “This one is going to hurt”, Aubrey’s reaction? A little Wimper.
I picked her up, she was fine, and then she reached out for the nurse! Crazy kid wanted her to hold her. Ha!
So, we’re happy and healthy and waiting it out until our 9 month appointment! Woo Hoo, my tough girl!

I’m writing a follow up to yesterday’s sleep training post about how night 2 went. Will be up this afternoon!

Sleep Training….

I had my post for today all planned out; seeing as how Aubrey had her 6 month well visit yesterday. I went and left my phone at home this morning though so I do not have any photos for the post, so it will come tomorrow.
In the mean time, I will let you know that yesterday I had the following conversation with her pediatrician.
Me: She is a HORRIBLE sleeper, is she gaining enough weight that it wouldn’t be an issue to start some sleep training? Ella was easy, we never had to work with her.
Dr.: Oh yeah, her chart looks great. I don’t have any problems with sleep training.
Me: Great, because her sleep has gotten worse recently and now she’s back to wanting to “sleep” ON me all night.
We go through a few other things and then….
Dr.: So, how many times a night is she waking?
Me: 6-10, I wish I could say I’m exaggerating for dramatic affect, but 6 would be a decent night.
Dr.: Oh my lord, YES! Start training with any method that works for you!

Yeah, life has gotten miserable in our house in the sleep department.
So….. how did night one go?
:::::Disclaimer::::: If you do not agree with sleep training, keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t want to hear them!
2 hours and 12 minutes! That is how long it took Aubrey to put herself to sleep. Brad did the soothing and we did it at 3 minute additional intervals (1, 4, 7, 10……) and it took 2 hours and 12 minutes of crying for her to go to sleep. Which put us at going to bed at 11:12. But, She slept until 3:15! A 4 hour stretch! That is the most sleep I have gotten in 6 months! And then!!!, when I laid her back down after nursing, she fussed for about 5 minutes and was back to sleep for another hour and a half! You hear that? I got 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night! Then she woke up just before the alarm went off, so we nursed in bed before getting ready this morning.
Praying that the time it takes for her to go to sleep tonight is under an hour! A girl can dream, right? Right!

And, so that I can add a picture….
There is 1 road in and out of our neighborhood, and crossing that road are railroad tracks. There is a law that the road can only be blocked for 15 minutes for a normal stop, and if a train is in “distress” 25 minutes. Well folks, last Thursday, our road was blocked for 4 HOURS! Luckily, we work on Thursdays so we missed the bulk of it, but we were still stuck for an hour trying to get home. Who was in front of us also waiting to get home? As luck would have it, it was Ella’s good buddy Rowan. So, we lucked out that Ella and Rowan were able to play in the creek/field area while us parents commiserated over how ridiculous this was. Well, when the train finally moved (as we were all moving our cars to the side of the road, getting ready to go through the train and walk home) Ella and Rowan didn’t want to leave each other. So, Rowan’s mommy drove Ella to our house, and then e-mailed me this picture…

So cute!