Excuses, thoughts and Phone Favorites

Sorry for my severe lack of blogging this week. I am EXHAUSTED! Maybe it’s the 5 1/2 months of horrible to no sleep finally catching up with me! It’s worth it though, Aubrey is the SWEETEST little girl and I love watching my daughters interact with each other. Aubrey adores her big sister and the feeling is way mutual!
Ella LOVES being a big sister. Last Thursday before I took Ella in to school she told me she had to ask her Daddy a question first, well when she got over to him she says, “Daddy, next time can I have a brother?” I just about died laughing, he told her No and I thought she was going to cry. All the way to school she kept telling me how her Daddy had said she couldn’t have a brother. Ha, then on Tuesday she walked right up to him and said “Daddy, next time can I have a sister?” HA! That kid cracks me up! She knows what she wants and is obviously not afraid to ask for it! The fun part is, he tells me not to have her ask him these things, I have nothing to do with it. Ella loved being a big sister so much that she wants more siblings, I love it!
Here are my favorite photos from my phone this past week!

“Don’t take my picture!”

“Take my picture, Mom!”

Above is Aubrey at work with me on Monday, she gets very excited when I get my phone out for pictures, sometimes.
Below is Ella when I got home from work on Monday. She gets very excited by music, ALL the time. =)
Aubrey and I went on a walk at lunch today, this was our view.
And this is how excited she was to be back in the cool office when we got back from our walk. Haha! 

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