Thursday Thoughts

  • Ella’s potty training is going AWESOME! When I dropped her off at school on Tuesday, her teacher said she was doing so well that whenever we’re comfortable, we can start sending her in underwear! How exciting!
  • I’m currently doing battle with Aubrey, trying to get her to take a bottle. It is NOT working. Any tips? If nothing else, I’ll try introducing a soft ni.pple sippy cup.
  • Aubrey’s sleep is still hit or miss, with a lot more miss than hit. I can get a 3-4 hour stretch out of her in her car seat now, but after that I cannot put her down. But, after that sometimes she’ll only wake up and nurse that one time, and then sleep on me the rest of the night, until about 6.
  • I now have a goal in mind to help me lose this baby weight! It’s booked, a family vacation! June 1-8 of next year we’ll be in Myrtle Beach, SC! So excited! And just what I needed for that extra kick in the pants to lose this weight! I might not be at my goal weight yet, (remember, slow and steady!) but I will be skinnier!
  • My birthday is coming up, the big 3-0! I’m excited for it! (I know, a little crazy!) A friend of ours is getting married on our anniversary weekend (a week before my birthday) so if we make it home for the wedding, I want pictures for my birthday. My friend from high school, Katie, has opened her own photography business and I would LOVE to have her take our pictures. If we don’t end up getting back home, I want These or This. Haha, the sunglasses, self explanatory, love them. The lens, so I can start taking better pictures myself, without the kit lens.
  • I am SO ready for the weekend, this week has just been dragging on. I need to refresh and there are so many fun things going on this weekend!
  • Sorry, no pictures today, but I’ll post my phone favorites tomorrow!

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. You can trying slipping in a bottle as she is drowsy. Sometimes babies are more willing to take a bottle when they are really sleepy and then she may warm up to it and be willing to take it other times.

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