Here lately….

So much has been going on and I just haven’t been able to sit down and write about it!
We’re back to our weekly play dates at the park, Ella is LOVING them!

Ella has been cooking for Aubrey and I in her kitchen, quite a bit lately!


Saturday morning, Ella REALLY wanted to pick out her own outfit. It was glamorous!

Then we went out for lunch and headed on out to the lake! Even though it threatened to rain, Ella had a blast wading in the lake and then walking in to town to get ice cream!

Aubrey also enjoyed the beach. =)

After ice cream, we ran up to the playground before heading back to the car, Aubrey liked playing in the sand box, Ella was a little more adventerous.

To conclude our funfilled day, Aubrey got her first real spoonfuls of food! We’ve been squishing up little pieces of Banana for a few days, but this was all out eating. Her first meal? Avacado.
And of course, Ella wanted to help feed her. =)

Aubrey did pretty good with it! And Ella kept telling Aubrey about when she was a baby, she’d eat food like that too! Adorable!
And to round out that last night of June, Ella decided that the “tires” on our patio table needed to be changed to “pink ones”

And then they discussed the day over dinner on the deck. =)


2 thoughts on “Here lately….

  1. Wow what nice photos!! Looks like you guys are having a great summer. Which lake did you go to? I cannot believe how big Ella is!! Her hair is long and she's just beautiful!

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