The most HILARIOUS meltdown, EVER!

On the ride to school this morning Ella kept telling me about everyone’s little brothers. “Baby Kai….., Rowan has Bridger….., Ellie’s little brother Porter………………..” She was obsessed. We park, things are going quite well, and we go inside like normal. When we get to the end of the hall, the infant room is on the left and the Toddler room is on the right. That’s when things went downhill quickly!
Ella: (As I’m holding the Toddler room door open) I want to go to the baby room now.
Me: Ella, we need to go to your room and play with your friends.
Ella: (Instantaneously falls to the floor bawling) But I want a baby brother like they have!!!!
Me: (Insert SUPER shocked face) Babe, you have a sister when nobody else does. You’re lucky!
Ella: (Body Wracking Sobs)
Me: Ella, babe, it’s okay.
Ella: (Body Wracking Sobs) But I want a brother too!

Ha! I just kind of dropped it after that and tried to console her. And, as soon as she saw one of her friends had a “Potty Watch(Oh yes, it looks like your child is wearing a toilet on their wrist!) that’s all she could talk about! She was enamored and forgot all about the little brother, for now. She seems to bring it up quite a bit out of the blue.

So, what did this Mama do when she got to work? What any sensible parent would do, laugh about the melt down to her boss, then to her husband (who wasn’t quite as amused as the boss, haha!), and then got online and ordered that girl a potty watch!

Love that kid!!!


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