Mid-(ish)-Week Randoms

  • Thank goodness it’s (MY) Friday!
  • I thank God every day for my happy, healthy girls; and their amazing Daddy!
  • I have seen SO many amazing looking recipes that I would like to try. Would anyone be interested if I made them and posted them on here?
  • We always try to fly home for a quick trip in the Fall and this year a friend of ours is getting married the day before our anniversary. So it’s perfect, right?! Wrong! Flights to get us there are going to be $815 since we have to pay for a seat for Ella now! Yikes! Not sure we’ll be able to afford it this year!
  • The fires here in Colorado are crazy this year! We need RAIN! Preferably the no lightning variety!
  • I’ve recently found a couple of blogs by some girls that I went to high school with and we weren’t friends, ever. It baffles me reading their blogs how similar we are now. Crazy what 10 years will do for ya.
  • My 30th birthday is in 3 1/2 months! Crazy! You think Brad would go for a Just Dance party? =)
  • Do you think the “7 Year Itch” refers to marriage or total time being commited to one person? Because as of tomorrow, Brad an I have been together 11 years (we’ll be married for 6 years in October)! Totally blew that itch out of the water! Ha!
I think that is all that is swimming around in my crazy head for now! Ha! You’re lucky!

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