Ever since we got back from vacation, 2.5 weeks ago, I cannot put Aubrey down to sleep! It doesn’t matter if she has just fallen asleep or is in a dead sleep, as soon as she leaves my arms, her eyes pop open and she is PISSED! So, our nights look exactly like this…..

You guys never knew I was an artist, you say? Surprising, I know!
Um, anyway! I literally sleep chest to chest with her ALL night, EVERY night! This means, 1.) I have to be ready for bed when she’s ready for Bed. 2.) I do NOT sleep well and therefore never feel rested. 3.) am at my wits end as we’ve tried her sleeping in everything from the PacknPlay, Co sleeper, swing, car seat! NOTHING WORKS! She might go to sleep for a couple of hours in her car seat, but after that first wake up, no dice! This is such a turn around because Ella was such an easy sleeper.
This wouldn’t be a huge deal to me if she was actually sleeping well while on me; in the beginning she was, but the last few nights, not so much. She constantly moves around trying to get comfortable and I’m about ready to scream.
Anyone go through this as well, a child you cannot put down but who now doesn’t sleep well while bedsharing? Any tips, tricks, or devices that helped get your kid to be a more independent sleeper?


2 thoughts on “Help!!

  1. i don't know if you want this approach or what but… let her cry. IT.SUCKS. ITS. HARD. It works. There are A LOT of variations, go in a pat her back, hold her until she stops screaming, etc. One other things that works a bit for Parker is white noise RIGHT BY HIS head. Oh and tylenol! I think he's teething…

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