Father’s Day 2012

We had a pretty excellent Father’s Day. Aubrey let Mommy sleep until 7:30 and then we let Ella and Daddy sleep until 9:30! When everyone was awake I made waffles with strawberries & whipped cream and cheesey scrambled eggs for breakfast. Yumm!!

After that, Brad got to open his gifts from the girls. Ella made him this:

The whole way to the store she kept telling me she wanted to paint a box for Daddy. Don’t know where that came from. So when we were showing her all of the different box options, she saw the ice cream cone box and said; “that one! Because Daddy loves eating ice cream with me!” So cute! This is his gift from both girls:

Not sure if you can tell on the mug but on the back left is Ella’s hand print and on the right is Aubrey’s foot print. He loved them and I think they ended up adorable!
Next on our agenda was a hike. We were meeting some friends at the shop and heading up the pass from there. Well as we were loading up in the car Ella tells Brad she peed. He takes her back inside to change her, brings her back out and away we go. Just as we turn from our road on to the highway Ella says, “Daddy, my shoes!” He tells her that we’ll put them back on when we get to the shop. I asked, did she take them off already (She takes her shoes off in the car ALL the time) to which he replies, I guess so.
Well, we get to the shop and get out to wait for Alicia and the boys to get there, and I ask “Where are Ella’s shoes” Brad had been in such a hurry to get going again that he forgot to put her shoes back on so they were at home, and Ella hjad tried to tell us! Ha! Luckily, Alicia had only made it to Fraser so she went back and got them for us. Ha!
When we finally had our shoes, it was smooth sailing. And what a gorgeous day for a hike!

After that we came home and we all grilled out together, played some corn hole, listened to some music, and let Kasen and Ella play on the playground. It was such a great day!

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