4 Months!

I was a little nervous taking Aubrey to her 4 month appointment; the whole time we were in Indiana the heat was killing her AR and she spit up what seemed like most of what she was taking in. Even though I could visibly tell she had grown, I was convinced we were going to get yelled at for a poor growth curve.
Could I have been any farther off! Aubrey measured in at 24.5″ 51st percentile, 14lbs. 5oz. 58th percentile (!!!!), and her head was 16.54″ 73rd percentile.
Now, did you see that about her weight there? She DOUBLED her percentile from 2 months to 4 months! Insane! My little chunker is getting so big!
The day before she turned 4 months old, she rolled over from back to belly for the first time. She’s done this several times since then but still isn’t rolling belly to back, go figure. She smiles the cutest smiles and Ella gets some big belly laughs out of her, it’s so cute to watch them interact! She loved sitting in her jumperoo and playing with all the toys. If she is upset and you can’t get her to calm down, just take her outside, loves it!
She is the sweetest little thing and I am so glad that she belongs in our family! Now, if time could just slow down a little, I would be grateful!

 Her poor “little” thighs after her 4 month shots!


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