Posts, that is! Yep, this is my 400th post, so I will now begin to invade your day with TONS of pictures, and little snippets of goodness from the last month. I will be doing a catch up post from Aubrey’s 4 Month appointment, as well as a Father’s Day post. For now, though, be prepared for a TON of photos!
You all read about the biggest excitement on the way to Indiana, Here. But here is the rest of the last month! My niece, Devon, (2nd from the left in the front row) graduated from Kindergarten! We got to go see her play “E-I-E-I Oooops” and watch her graduate!

 Ella just wanted her to graduate already so that they could play! =)
 Ella had her first trip to the lake and LOVED it!
 And wading in the water was just about the coolest thing. . . . .EVER!
 Aubrey was busy meeting one of her cousins. . . . . .
 . . . .while Ella was busy getting a princess makeover by his older sister.
 Both of the girls LOVED swimming!
 Ella loved the Farmer’s Market,
 and going there exhausted Aubrey.
 The girls got to spend time with more cousins
 and meet new friends. =)

 Ella talks about Devon ALL the time, she thought she was so cool!
I got a “4 Generations” picture with my Mom, Grandma, and the girls.
 The girls met their cousin Madalyn, too cute!
Ha! The only way I could get Ella in the picture with my sister, Sara.
 More “4 Generations” pictures, with Brad and his Dad. I know that NO ONE is looking at the camera in this picture, but it’s my favorite!
 Now we’re looking!
 “4 Generations” with Brad’s Mom
 Someone learned to roll from back to belly the day before she turned 4 months old!
4 Months Old!!
  There were naps to be had….
 and adorable faces to be made!

 We road tripped it back to Colorado (don’t worry, these were both taken during a break! Both girls we in car seats at all times while driving! =))

 The girls are lving being back home!
 Since we’ve been back, someone found her feet and LOVES them!
 “Rachel, take a picture, she looks like an Ewok!”
 Aubrey has found a new favorite toy
 “My Precious!”
And Ella is SO happy to be reunited with her “Best Buddy!”
 Phew! Hope you guys enjoyed the picture fest, haha! Like I said I will let you know all about Aubrey’s 4 month stats and how we speant our Father’s Day, very soon!
400 Posts! Woo Hoo!

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