LOL Friday

You see some things floating around the internet every now and then that are just too funny not to share. With all of the fires and depressing things going on in Colorado, I know I could use a little laugh. So here, is an overabundance of funny things from the internet!

Alright, that’s enough! Ha, at least I got a chuckle out of them! =)

The most HILARIOUS meltdown, EVER!

On the ride to school this morning Ella kept telling me about everyone’s little brothers. “Baby Kai….., Rowan has Bridger….., Ellie’s little brother Porter………………..” She was obsessed. We park, things are going quite well, and we go inside like normal. When we get to the end of the hall, the infant room is on the left and the Toddler room is on the right. That’s when things went downhill quickly!
Ella: (As I’m holding the Toddler room door open) I want to go to the baby room now.
Me: Ella, we need to go to your room and play with your friends.
Ella: (Instantaneously falls to the floor bawling) But I want a baby brother like they have!!!!
Me: (Insert SUPER shocked face) Babe, you have a sister when nobody else does. You’re lucky!
Ella: (Body Wracking Sobs)
Me: Ella, babe, it’s okay.
Ella: (Body Wracking Sobs) But I want a brother too!

Ha! I just kind of dropped it after that and tried to console her. And, as soon as she saw one of her friends had a “Potty Watch(Oh yes, it looks like your child is wearing a toilet on their wrist!) that’s all she could talk about! She was enamored and forgot all about the little brother, for now. She seems to bring it up quite a bit out of the blue.

So, what did this Mama do when she got to work? What any sensible parent would do, laugh about the melt down to her boss, then to her husband (who wasn’t quite as amused as the boss, haha!), and then got online and ordered that girl a potty watch!

Love that kid!!!

Mid-(ish)-Week Randoms

  • Thank goodness it’s (MY) Friday!
  • I thank God every day for my happy, healthy girls; and their amazing Daddy!
  • I have seen SO many amazing looking recipes that I would like to try. Would anyone be interested if I made them and posted them on here?
  • We always try to fly home for a quick trip in the Fall and this year a friend of ours is getting married the day before our anniversary. So it’s perfect, right?! Wrong! Flights to get us there are going to be $815 since we have to pay for a seat for Ella now! Yikes! Not sure we’ll be able to afford it this year!
  • The fires here in Colorado are crazy this year! We need RAIN! Preferably the no lightning variety!
  • I’ve recently found a couple of blogs by some girls that I went to high school with and we weren’t friends, ever. It baffles me reading their blogs how similar we are now. Crazy what 10 years will do for ya.
  • My 30th birthday is in 3 1/2 months! Crazy! You think Brad would go for a Just Dance party? =)
  • Do you think the “7 Year Itch” refers to marriage or total time being commited to one person? Because as of tomorrow, Brad an I have been together 11 years (we’ll be married for 6 years in October)! Totally blew that itch out of the water! Ha!
I think that is all that is swimming around in my crazy head for now! Ha! You’re lucky!

Wake Up Call!

When I found out that I was pregnant with Ella, I was already at my highest weight EVER! When I found out I was pregnant with Aubrey I had actually JUST gotten below my pre-pregnancy weight from Ella. I was starting to feel better, and had more energy. I then went on to gain 35 lbs during this pregnancy. Aubrey was a good sized baby weighing in at 8 lbs; I still have about 16 lbs to lose though just to get me back to my pre-pregnancy weight! While we were back home on vacation, I wanted to get a 4 generations photo, and a lot of them ended up with me, looking like this….

2 chins and my stomach is sitting in my lap!

I am ready to start getting more active and eating healthier in order to start losing some of the weight and heading in the right direction. My main concern right now is milk supply! I always felt like I was never producing enough for Ella, and now I know I am producing efficiently for Aubrey and I don’t want to affect that! So this is going to be slow going for now!
My Starting Weight as of today is 168.5 lbs or a BMI of 25.6, overweight!
My First Goal is to get to back to my pre-pregnancy weight (with Aubrey) of 152 or a BMI of 23.1.
My overall target weight goal is to get back down to wedding weight! I know things won’t look the same but I know I will feel better! So, my long term fitness/weight goal is 135lbs or a BMI of 20.5! This isn’t going to be easy, and it isn’t going to be fast. But, I’m doing this for myself and for my husband and my kids. I know how I looked when Brad and I first met, and I KNOW I don’t look like that now. I also know that I want to always be around for my girls and I need to be healthier for them, and me!
How am I going to do this? By being more active and eating right.
Lucky for me, Ella LOVES playing Just.Dance, so on super windy or rainy days, we can play inside. I also have my eliptical/exercise bike at work and I have been doing a mile a day on work days, for the last 3 work days. My goal is to do a mile every day that I work and bump it up from there. On top of that, I want to start doing the C25K program, I just need to get off my butt and start!
If I notice a drop in milk supply, I will scale back, making sure that Aubrey gets the nutrition she needs is more important right now. So, as I said this won’t be easy, but I’m doing it! I’ll check in here weekly so I can hold myself accountable. In the next couple of days I’ll post measurements so I know where I started from!


Ever since we got back from vacation, 2.5 weeks ago, I cannot put Aubrey down to sleep! It doesn’t matter if she has just fallen asleep or is in a dead sleep, as soon as she leaves my arms, her eyes pop open and she is PISSED! So, our nights look exactly like this…..

You guys never knew I was an artist, you say? Surprising, I know!
Um, anyway! I literally sleep chest to chest with her ALL night, EVERY night! This means, 1.) I have to be ready for bed when she’s ready for Bed. 2.) I do NOT sleep well and therefore never feel rested. 3.) am at my wits end as we’ve tried her sleeping in everything from the PacknPlay, Co sleeper, swing, car seat! NOTHING WORKS! She might go to sleep for a couple of hours in her car seat, but after that first wake up, no dice! This is such a turn around because Ella was such an easy sleeper.
This wouldn’t be a huge deal to me if she was actually sleeping well while on me; in the beginning she was, but the last few nights, not so much. She constantly moves around trying to get comfortable and I’m about ready to scream.
Anyone go through this as well, a child you cannot put down but who now doesn’t sleep well while bedsharing? Any tips, tricks, or devices that helped get your kid to be a more independent sleeper?

Father’s Day 2012

We had a pretty excellent Father’s Day. Aubrey let Mommy sleep until 7:30 and then we let Ella and Daddy sleep until 9:30! When everyone was awake I made waffles with strawberries & whipped cream and cheesey scrambled eggs for breakfast. Yumm!!

After that, Brad got to open his gifts from the girls. Ella made him this:

The whole way to the store she kept telling me she wanted to paint a box for Daddy. Don’t know where that came from. So when we were showing her all of the different box options, she saw the ice cream cone box and said; “that one! Because Daddy loves eating ice cream with me!” So cute! This is his gift from both girls:

Not sure if you can tell on the mug but on the back left is Ella’s hand print and on the right is Aubrey’s foot print. He loved them and I think they ended up adorable!
Next on our agenda was a hike. We were meeting some friends at the shop and heading up the pass from there. Well as we were loading up in the car Ella tells Brad she peed. He takes her back inside to change her, brings her back out and away we go. Just as we turn from our road on to the highway Ella says, “Daddy, my shoes!” He tells her that we’ll put them back on when we get to the shop. I asked, did she take them off already (She takes her shoes off in the car ALL the time) to which he replies, I guess so.
Well, we get to the shop and get out to wait for Alicia and the boys to get there, and I ask “Where are Ella’s shoes” Brad had been in such a hurry to get going again that he forgot to put her shoes back on so they were at home, and Ella hjad tried to tell us! Ha! Luckily, Alicia had only made it to Fraser so she went back and got them for us. Ha!
When we finally had our shoes, it was smooth sailing. And what a gorgeous day for a hike!

After that we came home and we all grilled out together, played some corn hole, listened to some music, and let Kasen and Ella play on the playground. It was such a great day!

4 Months!

I was a little nervous taking Aubrey to her 4 month appointment; the whole time we were in Indiana the heat was killing her AR and she spit up what seemed like most of what she was taking in. Even though I could visibly tell she had grown, I was convinced we were going to get yelled at for a poor growth curve.
Could I have been any farther off! Aubrey measured in at 24.5″ 51st percentile, 14lbs. 5oz. 58th percentile (!!!!), and her head was 16.54″ 73rd percentile.
Now, did you see that about her weight there? She DOUBLED her percentile from 2 months to 4 months! Insane! My little chunker is getting so big!
The day before she turned 4 months old, she rolled over from back to belly for the first time. She’s done this several times since then but still isn’t rolling belly to back, go figure. She smiles the cutest smiles and Ella gets some big belly laughs out of her, it’s so cute to watch them interact! She loved sitting in her jumperoo and playing with all the toys. If she is upset and you can’t get her to calm down, just take her outside, loves it!
She is the sweetest little thing and I am so glad that she belongs in our family! Now, if time could just slow down a little, I would be grateful!

 Her poor “little” thighs after her 4 month shots!


Posts, that is! Yep, this is my 400th post, so I will now begin to invade your day with TONS of pictures, and little snippets of goodness from the last month. I will be doing a catch up post from Aubrey’s 4 Month appointment, as well as a Father’s Day post. For now, though, be prepared for a TON of photos!
You all read about the biggest excitement on the way to Indiana, Here. But here is the rest of the last month! My niece, Devon, (2nd from the left in the front row) graduated from Kindergarten! We got to go see her play “E-I-E-I Oooops” and watch her graduate!

 Ella just wanted her to graduate already so that they could play! =)
 Ella had her first trip to the lake and LOVED it!
 And wading in the water was just about the coolest thing. . . . .EVER!
 Aubrey was busy meeting one of her cousins. . . . . .
 . . . .while Ella was busy getting a princess makeover by his older sister.
 Both of the girls LOVED swimming!
 Ella loved the Farmer’s Market,
 and going there exhausted Aubrey.
 The girls got to spend time with more cousins
 and meet new friends. =)

 Ella talks about Devon ALL the time, she thought she was so cool!
I got a “4 Generations” picture with my Mom, Grandma, and the girls.
 The girls met their cousin Madalyn, too cute!
Ha! The only way I could get Ella in the picture with my sister, Sara.
 More “4 Generations” pictures, with Brad and his Dad. I know that NO ONE is looking at the camera in this picture, but it’s my favorite!
 Now we’re looking!
 “4 Generations” with Brad’s Mom
 Someone learned to roll from back to belly the day before she turned 4 months old!
4 Months Old!!
  There were naps to be had….
 and adorable faces to be made!

 We road tripped it back to Colorado (don’t worry, these were both taken during a break! Both girls we in car seats at all times while driving! =))

 The girls are lving being back home!
 Since we’ve been back, someone found her feet and LOVES them!
 “Rachel, take a picture, she looks like an Ewok!”
 Aubrey has found a new favorite toy
 “My Precious!”
And Ella is SO happy to be reunited with her “Best Buddy!”
 Phew! Hope you guys enjoyed the picture fest, haha! Like I said I will let you know all about Aubrey’s 4 month stats and how we speant our Father’s Day, very soon!
400 Posts! Woo Hoo!