I couldn’t. . . .

make this up if I tried!
Last Monday we were driving to Indiana and decided to stop in St. Louis for lunch. We were out and walking around by the arch having a grand time.

Everything was going well, we were getting ready to walk down the riverfront and head to lunch, when I smelled it, poop! I look down and Aubrey’s leg is COVERED in poop!
Where was her change of clothes? In my backpack, back in the car. Ha! Joke’s on you Mommy! We spot a gift shop and I head in there to see if there’s anything I can change Aubrey in to while Brad is taking Ella to the bathroom. As soon as we check out we find Ella and Brad and I head to the bathroom with Aubrey. Ella wants to come too, no biggie.
I get Aubrey laid out on the changing station and start the bath with wipes and Ella disappears in to a stall. All of a sudden,I hear pee. But not hitting water, hitting the floor. Aubrey is on a table still half covered in poo, and I look over and Ella has herself HALF hoisted up on to a toilet and is peeing across the stall! A huge puddle accumulating on the floor, her pants are soaked. It’s a mess. I finish cleaning Aubrey and get her changed in to her brand spanking new St. Louis onsie and start on Ella. I have Aubrey strapped in the bjorn and tell Ella to come over to me so I can get her cleaned up. She decided she needed her hat off, and drops it. . . in her puddle of pee! Gah! I felt like I was on one of those shows with the hidden cameras, it just didn’t stop!
When I had finally given both girls “wipe baths” and we’d made our way out of the bathroom I get the inquisition from Brad. “Do you know you were in there for 12 minutes?! What were you doing in there?!” Um, did you notice one kid doesn’t have pants on, and she’s NOT the one we were going in there for!
I lived through it! But, Man, seriously?!


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