Random Thoughts

  • Less than a week until we leave for vacation! I have had ZERO motivation at work this week because of that fact. (as if you couldn’t tell, since I’m actually blogging!)
  • Speaking of blogging, I think I’m finally caught up!
  • I wish we had/could afford a family pass to our Rec center. Ella LOVES going but we don’t go that often. Ella could go to swimming and gymnastics every week, I could work out. It’d be awesome! If only everything in our area weren’t so expensive!
  • Really people?! There, their, they’re. To, too, two. Would, wood. All different words with different meanings! Not interchangeable!
  • My girls, they’re my world!

  • We have SO much cleaning, laundry, packing, to do before we leave! It’s overwhelming!

  • I’ve been watching “The Voice” this season, cannot wait to watch the finale tonight to see who won! Had to DVR it, so I’ve been avoiding all social media so it won’t be spoiled for me. =)
  • I will try to do SO much better to blog while on vacation this year! Wish me luck!

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