Backtracking: The Great Cloth Diaper Change

On April 21st, we got up a little early and got ready to head down to Denver. Aubrey, Ella, and myself picked up Alicia and Kai, and we were off, to the Great Cloth Diaper change! We were going to be record breakers!
We’ve been cloth diapering Ella since she was about 4 months old and we started on Aubrey at about 3 weeks, as soon as we’d run out of diapers that the hospital sent home with us.
It was such a fun time, surrounded by fellow baby wearing, cloth diapering, Mamas. There were tons of raffles, a photo booth, and most of all, babies!
The great Cloth Diaper Change is an event to set the Guiness world record for changing the most babies at one time, in to a cloth diaper. The standing record was 5,026 babies. The final number for this years event aren’t in yet, but I’ve heard they’re sitting at over 8,000 submissions at 305 locations around the WORLD! At our location in Denver there were 257 qualified participants with over 1000 spectators! Ha, who’d ever think of being a spectator at a diaper changing event?!
Unfortunately since Brad couldn’t come, Ella was just a helper, rather than a record breaker. But what a helper she was, she helped keep Aubrey and Kai entertained while we were waiting for the Green light to start changing, and then she was my “Wipe Girl” and did an excellent job at handing me wipes. =)

 Check out all of these babies!

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